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Digital and Tele Communications Use to Improve Urban Life

bulletThe use of communication technologies to: improve the quality of life in urban areas; simplify the access to the public administration and its services; contribute to a greater use of the Internet by citizens specially students in schools; develop the local economy and create new jobs; improve the quality of life of handicapped or less favoured citizens; and the use of tele-medicine to improve the quality of health services in remote areas, where there is a lack of medical staff and/or where access to specialised health services is difficult
bulletModernisation of the services of the local administration by using the Internet as a means to: make public information widely and easily available; implementation of interactive services reducing the need of a direct contact with the administration and reducing the amount of wasted time needed in the physical presence in the administration premises
bulletElectronic commerce and Internet technology for new markets and business partners.  Digitalisation of cultural contents.  Traffic management in the urban area.  Operation of portals for specific economic and social groups.
bulletThe need to educate citizens and business people in the use of communications technologies and the Internet; the shortage of the technical staff necessary to implement the services; the necessity to improve management capabilities of parties to projects that involve several partners and new technologies; and the high costs of telecommunication services and the difficulties in the implementation of the organizational changes necessary to fully automate administration and business services.