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Tackle Empty Properties and Brownfield Areas

Re-using existing buildings is important not only to revitalising declining urban areas but also to sustainable development. They are usually supported by existing infrastructure and, overall, their re-use is likely to be a more energy efficient and resource friendly than building new properties.

Planning authorities should develop comprehensive empty property strategies and work with the property professionals to improve skills in this area.  Policies that help to encourage the redevelopment and better use of buildings, helping to reduce pressure for greenfield development as well as improving the urban environment for local residents are essential.  These policies should help in:

bulletGetting empty properties back into use and tackle low demand housing areas.
bulletIdentifying brownfield sites and assembling large areas of brownfield lands for redevelopment.
bulletReclaiming contaminated land.
bulletEncouraging investment and the return of enterprise to brownfield areas.
bulletGiving regeneration agencies the tools they need to bring about change.
bulletEncouraging better use of vacant and under-utilised space above shops and other commercial premises, helping to bring more life into commercial districts
bulletEncouraging additional conversion of properties for residential use.
bulletEmpty homes need to be considered as part of the potential supply before greenfield sites are considered.