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Ansdell, Richard1815-1885 A Scene at Wiseton
Bailey, G.fl.1819 The Ox Prince
Bailey, John1750-1819 The Blackwell Ox (engraver)
Barenger, James1780-1830 The Famous Lincolnshire Ox
Beckwith, Henryfl.1830-1850 An Ayrshire Cow
Bland, Thomas- Portrait of a Short-Horned Ox
Boultbee, John1747-1812 The Durham Ox
Chalon, Henry Bernard1770-1849 The Bradwell Ox
Clark, Jamesfl.1858-1865 Hereford Ox
The Thorney Prize Ox (oil)
The Thorney Prize Ox (lithograph)
Clark, Jamesfl.1892 Count Lavender
Corbould, Aster- Breeds of Cattle
Cuit (Cuitt), George1743-1818 The Blackwell Ox (engraving)
The Ketton Ox
Davis, William Henryd.1865 An Ayrshire Cow
The Rutland Prize Ox
Short Horned Ox (painter)
Portrait of TW Coke
Day & Son 1856- Short Horned Ox (lithographers)
Fairland, Thomas1804-1852 The Oakley Ox
Fryer, - - The Craven Heifer
Garrard, George1760-1826 A Bull from the Island of Shetland
A Beautiful Yorkshire Cow
The Durham White Ox
Gauci, A. M.fl.1860-1868 Shorthorn Heifer
Hereford Steer
"Kate" Norfolk Polled Heifer
Berkshire Pigs
Devon Heifer
"Violet" Short Horn Heifer
Giles, John West fl.1830-1864 The Trusthorpe Ox
Portriat of a Short Horned Ox
The Castle Howard Oxen
Goode, John fl.1822-1835 Shorthorn Cow
Gwynn, -fl.1795 Shropshire Pig
Hanhart, M. & N. fl.1830-1850 Bakewell Leicester Sheep (lithographers)
Harris, John 1791-1873 Grand Exhibition of Cattle
Hibbert, J.- The Prize Ox (designer and engraver)
Horner, G. fl.1838 The Yorkshire Rose (painter)
Howe, James 1780-1836 The Northumberland Ox (painter)
Hubbard, B. fl.1839-1864 The Prize Heifer Flower (painter)
The Trusthorpe Ox (painter)
Hullmandel, Charles Joseph1789-1850 The Rutland Prize Ox (printer)
The Northumberland Ox (printer)
Keepers Stalking the Wild Cattle in Chillingham Park (lithographer)
The Castle Howard Oxen (printer)
The Madresfield Heifer (printer)
Portrait of TW Coke (printer)
Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry 1802-1873 A British Boar (painter)
Landseer, Thomas 1795-1880 A British Boar (etcher)
Loder, J. fl.1845 Shorthorn Bull
Moody, C. fl.1846-c.1860 The Prize heifer Flower (lithographer)
Nasmyth, Alexander 1758-1840 The Spottiswoode Ox
Newmarch, G. B. fl.1849 Prize Cattle At ... Birmingham ... 1849 (painter)
Pitman, John fl.1820-1842 The Madresfield Heifer (lithographer)
Pollard, Robert 1755-1839 The Ketton Ox (engraver)
Pugin, Augustus Charles1762-1832Smithfield Market (designer)
Rowlandson, Thomas 1756-1827 Smithfield Market (designer)
Scott, R. fl.1820 The Northumberland Ox (engraver)
Simmons, William Henry 1811-1882A Scene at Wiseton (engraver)
Smith, W. fl.1856 The Champion Shorthorn
Snow, John Wray fl.1832-1840Keepers Stalking the Wild Cattle in Chillingham Park (painter)
Stadler, Joseph Constantine fl.1780-1819Durham Bull, Favorite
Strafford, Henry fl.1833-1873 The Castle Howard Oxen (painter)
Taylor, B. fl.1812-1819 Durham Bull, Favorite (designer)
Turner, Charles1773-1857 The Yorkshire Rose
Underwood, Thomas 1809-1882 Prize Cattle At ... Birmingham ... 1849 (lithographer)
Walker, E. fl.1800 Hog (publisher)
Walton, W. L. fl.1840-1850 Keepers Stalking the Wild Cattle in Chillingham Park (lithographer)
Ward, William 1766-1826 The Unrivalled Lincolnshire Heifer (engraver)
The Newbus Ox (engraver)
The Durham White Ox (engraver)
Ward, James 1769-1859 The Spottiswoode Ox (engraver)
Weaver, Thomas 1774-1843 Four Shear Ram (painter)
The Unrivalled Lincolnshire Heifer (painter)
A Short Horned Heifer, 7 Years Old (painter)
The Newbus Ox (painter)
Whessell, John fl.1802-1823 The Durham Ox (engraver)
The Craven Heifer (engraver)
Whitford, R.fl.1858-1866 Leicester Ram
Hereford Ox
Pen of Theaves
Wilson, Thomas Fairbairn fl.1808-1846 White Ox
Wright, W. fl.1795 Shropshire Pig (engraver)



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