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Painter James Clark.
Oil on canvas.
24 x 20 in.
(signed) James Clark /92
(Card on stretcher) James Clark. Animal painter 67 Riversdale Road, Highbury Park, London.
Count Lavender 60545, sired by Norseman 56233 out of Sweet Lavender by Earl of March 33807, was bred by William Duthie of Collynie, Tarves and purchased by J. Deane Willis of Bapton Manor, Codford St. Mary. He was the winner of 36 first and champion prizes.
64/45 (5/743)


Unsigned, undated.
Oil on canvas.
26 x 19 in.
64/43 (5/756)


Unsigned, undated.
Oil on canvas.
21 x 17 in.
64/39 (5/750)


Painter William Smith.
Oil on canvas.
30 x 25 in.
(signed) Wm. Smith 1856
(On canvas back) The Champion Shorthorn. 1st prize winner at Chichester Cattle Show - 1856. Wm. Smith of Chichester.
64/40 (5/757)


Painter T. F. Wilson.
Oil on canvas
31.5 x 24.5 In.
(signed) T. F. Wilson 1810
64/47 (5/749)


Unsigned, undated.
Oil on canvas
24 x 17 in.
64/54 (5/740)


Painter G. Bailey.
Oil on canvas.
33 x 25 in
(signed) G. Bailey. Bawtry 1824.
(On the stretcher) The Ox Prince. His dam Princess; g.d. Selina, he was by Sir Hy. Ibbetson's bull Pyramus, sold at under 3 yrs. old for 50 guis. to Jno. Yorke Esqr. of Bewerley Hall. Pyramus was by Peteor, for whom Sir Henry gave Mr. Booth 250 guis. at 3 yrs old & out of Duchess, g.d. Cora, g.g.d. Mr. Booth's Cherry, sold by him to Sir Henry for 100 guis. He was sold at 4 yrs. old to the butcher, for £32 supposed to weigh 80 st. at 8/ pr. stone.
64/38 (5/748)


c 1860
Painter James Clark.
Oil on canvas
24 x 20 in.
Painted by J. Clark 21 Walbrook St., New North Rd Hoxton
64/49 (5/755)


Unsigned, undated.
Oil on canvas.
24 x 17 in.
64/46 (5/751)


Painter Thomas Weaver.
Oil on canvas.
24 x 19 in.
(On the painting) 4 shear. Grandson of Old Black Knee. Thos. Weaver. Artist. Shrewsbury. 1831.
64/44 (5/741)


Unsigned, undated.
Oil on canvas.
30.5 x 25.5 in.
64/37 (5/753)


Painter A. M. Gauci.
Oil on canvas.
24 x 18 in.
(signed) A. M. Gauci 1860
64/53 (5/744)


Painter James Clark.
Oil on canvas.
26 x 22 in.
(signed) James Clark 1858
64/55 (5/739)


Painter R. Whitford.
Oil on canvas.
24 x 18 in
(signed) R. Whitford 1859
64/51 (5/746)


Painter R. Whitford.
Oil on canvas.
24 x 20 in.
(In pencil on stretcher) Aaron Pike Esq.. Class 6. 1st prize of £20. Age 2 years 5 months. Islington Hall 1864. Bred by Mr. Benjn Hall, Malvern Wells, Worcestershire. (On the painting) 1st Prize £20. Islington Hall 1864 R. Whitford 1865. Animal painter to the Queen.
64/50 (5/747)


Painter J. Loder.
Oil on canvas.
30 x 25 in.
(signed) J. Loder pinxt 1845
64/42 (5/752)


Painter R, Whitford
Oil on canvas
35. x 24 in.
(signed) R. Whitford 1858
(On the painting) The 1st. Prize Pen of Theaves at Chester. 21st. July 1858.
64/52 (5/745)


c. 1830
Painter John Goode.
Oil on canvas.
(signed) J. Goode
Portrait of a shorthorn cow belonging to Mr. Lovell of Banbury.
64/41 (5/754)


Unsigned, undated.
Oil on canvas
32 x 24 in.
64/48 (5/742)


Painter Thomas Weaver.
Engr. William Ward.
Orby, Thomas Willoughby. 1813
Coloured mezzotint.
23.5 x 17.8 in.
The Unrivalled Lincolnshire Heifer, fed by Thos. Willoughby of Orby, near Burgh; and now his property. To Genl. Manners, M.P. etc etc etc this Plate is respectfully Inscribed by his most obliged obedient Servant, Thos.. Willoughby. Painted by Thos. Weaver. Engraved by Wm. Ward Engraver to their R.H. the Prince Regent & the Duke of York. Pubd. June 12 1813 by Thos. Willoughby, Orby, near Burgh, Lincolnshire.
64/109 (5/715)


Painter Thomas Weaver.
Engr. William Ward.
Darlington, W. Robinson, 1811
Coloured mezzotint (proof). 24. x 18 in.
A short horned heifer, 7 years old. Bred & fed by Mr Robert Colling of Barmpton, near Darlington, in the county of Durham, to whom this print is respectfully inscribed by his obedient servant Wm. Robins. Painted by Thomas Weaver. Engraved by Willm Ward, engraver extraordinary to their R.H. the Prince Regent & Duke of York. (Published Decr 13, 1811, by W. Robinson, Darlington.)
64/102 (60/5858)


Designer and engr. J. Hibbert
n.p. , n.d.
Etching, printed in colours from one plate, touched by hand.
12 x 8.2 in.
The prize ox, at the Bath and West of England Society, 1803. Weight ten hundred, rough fat eight score and upwards, fed on grass and hay only, bred and grazed by Mr. Hall, Leigh - Court Somersetshire.
J. Hibbert del: et scul Bath
64/99 (60/5825)


A copy of the line engraving by J. Bailey from a painting by Geo. Cuit, published in 1780.
Monochrome watercolour.
14.8 x 11.3 in.
The Blackwell ox (rising 6 years old) bred & fed by Christr. Hill Esq: of Blackwell in the County of Durham. Killed at Darlington 17 Dec: 1779 by Mr. Geo: Coates who sold him for £109.11s.6d, Weight: Two fore quarters, 75st. 7lb: hind do., 76st. 3lb; tallow 11st;, Total 162st 10lb. NB: 141b to the stone. Dimensions: Height, at crop, 6'0” - shoulder 5'9”; - loins, 5’8"; - from breast to ground, 2'1"; Length from horns to rump 9’ 5.5" ; - Breadth over the shoulders, 2'10.5"; - from hip to hip, 2'10.5"; Girt before the shoulder, 9’ 7.5"; - behind Do., 10’6"; - at the loins, 9'6.5"
(signed) - Clark June 30th 1809
(Details where missing from Rothamsted Catalogue)
64/73 (60/5863)


Painter J. Boultbee.
Engr. J. Whessell (Harmston), John Day 1802
23.6 x 18 in.
The Durham Ox. To the Right Honorable Lord Somerville, this print, is with great respect humbly dedicated by his Lordship's most obedt. humble servant John Day. This wonderful animal is now the property of Mr. John Day of Harmston near Lincoln, and was March 20, 1802, six years old. Dimensions: Height at the shoulders : 5’6” Length from the nose to the setting on of the tail, 11'0"; Girth, 11’1”; Breadth across the back in three places: across the hips 3'1”, across the middle of the back 3'1", across the shoulders squared on each side, 3'1"; Breadth of the first rib, 9.75”; Girth of the fore leg below the knee, 9.25"; From the breast to the ground, 1'6"; Breadth between the fore legs 1'5".
Subscriptions taken for this print in the first year, amounted to two thousand and upwards from whence the public opinion of this beautiful animal may well be ascertained. The ox is still in a growing and improving state, and weighs, according to the computation of the best judges 30 score pr. quarter, which is 300 stone 8 lb to the stone, or 171 stone 14lb to the stone.
Painted by J. Boultbee. Engraved by J. Whessell. Published March 20, by John Day.
The same animal is portrayed as the Ketton ox No. 3.
64/82 (60/5855)


Painter A. Nasmyth.
Engr. James Ward.
London, Anthony Carden, 1804
23.5 x 17.8 in.
To the Right Honble. Lord Sheffield. President of the Board of Agriculture. This portrait of the Spottiswoode ox, bred and fed by John Spottiswoode Esqr. of Spottiswoode in the county of Berwick is with his Lordship's permission inscribed by his Lordship's most humble proprietors, Johnson, Richardson & Morrison. Dimensions - Height at the shoulder, 6'4''; Length from nose to rump, 12'4"; Girth behind the shoulders 10’2”; Breadth across the loins, 3'1"; Weight ( - )
Painted by A. Nasmyth. Engraved by J. Ward. London published, 1804 by Anthony Cardon, no.31, Clipstone Street.
64/106 (5/716)


Painter Richard Ansdell,
Engr. W.H. Simmons.
Manchester & London, Thomas Agnew etc. 1844.
Mixed process engraving (etching, aquatint, stipple)
24.5 x 19.8 in.
A scene at Wiseton
Painted by Richard Ansdell. Engraved by W.H. Simmons. Published June 18th 1844 by Thomas Agnew, Repository of Arts, Manchester, Messrs Ackermann's Strand, and the Anaglyphic Company, Berners Street, London.
The 3rd Earl Spencer (1782 - 1845) with Mr. J. Elliott (Steward at Althorpe) and Mr. Hull (Steward at Wiseton); the herdsman, John Wagstaffe, holds Lord Spencer's famous bull Wiseton
(Rothamsted catalogue)
64/101 (5/718)


Painter Thomas Weaver.
Engr. William Ward
Darlington, G. Dyers and. Co., 1812
23.7 x 17..8 in.
To the Right Honorable Lord Dunders, this plate of the Newbus ox, is with his lordship's permission respectfully dedicated, by his Lordship's most humble and devoted servant, Geo Byers. This ox was bred by William Hutchinson Esqr. of Egleston, near Barnard Castle. He was out of a Highland Scotch cow, which when fat and slaughtered weighed only 24 (sic) stone 10lbs: (14 to the stone). His sire was a grandson of Old Favourite, belonging to Charles Colling Esqr. of Ketton, and he was fed by Thomas Wilkinson Esqr. of Newbus Grange, near Darlington in the County of Durham.
Painted by Thomas Weaver. Engraved by Wm Ward Engraver to their R.H. the Prince Regent & Duke of York. Published July 21, 1812, by C. Byers & Co., Darlington.
64/92 (5/722)


London, George Garrard 1802
Etching, handcoloured.
18.5 x 13 in.
A bull from the Island of Shetland, in the possession of John Maitland Esqr, London, pub: March 1. 1802, by George Garrard, Agricultural Museum, 28, George St. Hanover Sq.
This is one of a series of 52 etchings by Garrard bearing dates from 1799 to 1815 which appeared in his 'Description of the Different Varieties of Oxen common in the British Isles ...' 1800 (-1815)
64/77 (60/5818)


London, George Garrard 1813
Etching, handcoloured.
20.5 x 14. in.
A beautiful Yorkshire Cow. Bred & fatted by F. F. Foljambe Esqr at Osberton Notts, by a bull of Mr. Coates's the sire of the Driffield Cow the dam of Patriot which was sold for 500 guineas. Height of shoulder 4'10”; from pole to tail 7'2"; round chest 8'0"; shin bone 0'8; 14lb to stone - Live weight 168 st 9lb; 4 quarters 98 st 11lb; fat 11 st 1lb. 12 years old.
London pub March 4 1813 by G. Garrard 4 Queens Buildings Brompton.
See note to No. 28.
64/191 (5/768)


Painter J. Barenger. Engr. —————
Hull, Marshall, Lovitt and Armitage, 1823
Etching and aquatint, handcoloured.
20.5 x 16 in
The famous Lincolnshire ox, fed by the Right Honble. Lord Yarborough Brocklesby under the direction of the Honble Chas A. Pelham, M.P., to whom this plate is dedicated by their most obdt. and truly humble servants Marshall Lovitt & Armitage the present owners.
The Lincolnshire ox was got by Young Fortune, the property of Phillip Skipworth, Esqr. Young Fortune was got by Young Favorite, & Young Favorite by Comet, out of Countess. Comet was sold for 1000 guineas at Mr. Charles Gollings sale & Countess sold at the same time for 420 when nine years old. The Lincolnshire ox was out of a favorite cow of R. Goultons Esqr. Bonby, which was got by Coddlenob and Coddlenob by Patriot. Live weight; 464 stone. Dimensions: Five feet six inches in height of the shoulder, 11 feet 10 inches from the nose to the setting of the tail, 11 feet 1 inch in girth, 3 feet 3 inches across the back in three places viz. the hips, shoulders, and middle of the back, 1 foot 2 inches from the breast to the. ground, 9 inches in girth of the fore leg, and 1 foot 10 inches between the fore legs.
Painted by J. Barenger, Pubd. Sepr. 22, 1823, by Messrs. Marshall, Lovitt & Armitage, Hull, Yorkshire.
64/84 (60/5857)


Painter - Fryer
Engr. J. Whessell.
Pub. The Proprietors, 1812
Etching and stipple.
Printed from one plate in colours and hand coloured, 23.4 x 17.4 in.
The Craven heifer. To the most noble William Spencer Duke of Devonshire, this engraving of the Craven heifer, bred & fed by the Revd. William Carr, of Bolton Abbey, near Skipton in Craven, Yorkshire, is respectfully dedicated by his Graces most obedient humble servant John Walkinson. This wonderful animal was four years old in March 1811, and is still in a growing and improving state. She weighs 30 score 17 pounds pr. quarter, that is 308 stone 4lb, 8 pound to the stone, or 176 stone 4 pounds, 14 Ib to the stone. Dimensions: Length from nose to the rump, 11'2"; Height at the shoulder, 5'2"; Breadth over the back in three different places 3'3"; Girt of the middle in the body, 10’2”; Girt over the loin 9'11"; Girt of the fore leg below the knee, 7".
Painted by Fryer. Engrav'd by J. Whessell, Oxford. Pubd, Jany. 1812, by the Proprietors.
64/79 (60/5854)


Designer Pugin and Rowlandson. Engr. Bluck.
London, R. Ackermann 1811
Aquatint; hand coloured.
19.6 x 14.1 in.
A birds' eye view of Smithfield market taken from the Bear & Ragged Staff.
Pugin & Rowlandson delt. Bluck sculpt. London published 1st Jany. 1811, at R. Ackermann's Repository of Arts, 101, Strand.
(Details of lettering taken from Rothamsted Catalogue)
64/105 (60/5815)


c 1842
Designer and engr. J. Harris
London, Messrs. Fores, n.d
Aquatint, hand coloured.
14.4 x 9.5 in. |
Grand exhibition of cattle etc. of the Royal Agricultural Society of England held at Bristol July 14th 1842
Drawn and engd. by I. Harris. London, published by Messrs. Fores, at their Sporting, and Animal Portrait Repository, 41. Piccadilly.
64/85 (60/5821)


Painter W.H. Davis .
Engr. H. Beckwith.
London, Joseph Rogerson, 1850
Steel engraving, hand coloured.
8 x 5.5 in
An Ayrshire cow. The property of the Honble. Willm. Coventry of Earls Croome, near Upton on Severn, Worcestershire.
W.H. Davis. H. Beckwith. London, published by Joseph Rogerson, 24 Norfolk Street, Strand, 1850
One of a series of more than 380 steel engravings which appeared in the Farmers Magazine (London) from 1835 to 1881
64/71 (5/732A)



Painter ———, Engr. ___
London, E. Walker, 1798
Etching and aquatint.
10 x 7 in.
This hog the property of Mr. William White of Kingston Surrey was killed 28, March 1798. 4 ft. high. 8 ft. 9 long. 9 ft. 2 girt. 5 inches thick of fatt all over. 2½ years old. 49 score 6lb. weight. 70 sto. 6lb at 14 Ib to ye stone. 123 sto 2 Ib (at) 8 Ib to ye stone. It was generally allowed that this pigg would have fatted nearly as much again.
London, published April 4, 1798 by E. Walker No. 7 Cornhill.
64/87 (60/5865)


Painter _________ Engr. ______
Probably published by E. Walker, London, c 1798
Etching and aquatint, hand coloured.
10 x 7 in.
This hog the property of Mr. Chas. Butler, was killed at Tidmarsh farm. near Pangbourn, Berks: 15 March 1797, 3 ft. 7½ high. 8 ft. long. 9 ft. girt.
11 inches thick of fatt on the shoulder. 2and a half years old, 40 score 11lb weight or 57 sto: 13lb. – 14lb to ye stone. 101 sto. 3lb. – 8lb. to ye stone
64/88 (60/5866)


c 1795
Designer W. Gwynn. Engr. W. Wright
Ludlow, W. Gwynn. n.d
Aquatint, hand coloured.
14 x 10.4 in.
The portrait of a Shropshire pig. The property of Sir Chas. Willm. Rouse, Boughton, Bart. of Downton Hall, near Ludlow. Age 1 year & 10 months. Weight 33 score 15lbs
W. Gwynn delt. W. Wright sculpt. Published by W. Gwynne, Corve Street, Ludlow
64/104 (60/5864)


Painter Edwin Landseer.
Etch. Thomas Landseer
London, P. & D. Colnaghi & Co. 1852
Etching and aquatint, hand coloured
18 x 12.7 in.
A British boar, the property of C. C. Western Esqr. M.P. for the county of Essex. Painted by Edwin Landseer. Etched by Thomas Landseer London, Published Nov. 8th. 1852, by P & D Colnaghi & Co. 13 & 14 Pall Mall, East.
The print was first published in 1818 by W. W. Simpson, Beleigh Grange, Maldon & J. Landseer 33 Foley Street London.
64/76 (5/725)


Designer B. Taylor.
Engr. J.C. Stadler.
London, Joseph Bolt and B. Taylor, 1819
Coloured aquatint.
23.8 x 17.8 in.
This Portrait of the Celebrated Short-horned Durham Bull, Favorite is with Permission respectfully Dedicated to John Gill Esqr. of Hotton Hill, Leicestershire by his most obedient servant Joseph Bott.
Pedigree: Bred by John Gill Esqr of Hotton Hill, Leicestershire; got by Mr. Wilkinson's bull Favorite, bred by Mr Weatherall from his noted bull; which was by Mr. Charges Old Grey bull, got by Mr. Charles Colling's Favorite, sire of the Durham Ox, the White heifer, and of the celebrated bull Comet, which was sold for 1000 guineas. He was killed on 12th November, 1818, by order of Mr. Maide, the last proprietor, at the Bear and Ragged Staff, West Smithfield. His dimensions: Round the ancle, 10"; From point to point of shoulders 4'8"; Round his front 9'8"; Round his waist 10'; And the length from Nose to the end of the tail was 18'6”. Weight: Loose fat 25½ stone, eight pounds to the stone. His four quarters weighed 2018 Ibs., viz 252st 2lb.
Drawn by B. Taylor, Aquatinted by Stadler. Published Jany 1. 1819, by Josh. Bott No 25 Long Lane, West Smithfield & B. Taylor No 9 Warwick Street, Golden Square.
64/81 (5/719)


Painter H.B Chalon.
London, R. Ackermann 1830
21 x 17 in
The Bradwell Ox. This engraving is by permission most respectfully dedicated to the Right Honorable Lord Viscount Althorpe, etc. etc. etc. by his Lordship’s most obliged and obedient Servant William Spurgin. This animal, the greatest phenomenon of his species belongs to William Spurgin Esqr. Of Bradwell, Essex. It is supposed to be half Lincolnshire and half Durham Breed. The live weight of the ox is 560 stone, being more than 60 stone heavier than the famous Lincolnshire Ox and 160 stone heavier than the Durham ox. Admeasurement as follows. From the end of the nose to the tip of the tail 180 inches. To the top of the shoulders 70 inches. Across the hips 33 inches. Between the forelegs 18 inches. From the breast to the ground 20 inches. And in the girth 132 inches. Age of the animal six years.
Engraved from a picture painted by H.B.Chalon, animal painter to his late Majesty etc. Published Novr. 1 1830, by R. Ackerman, print seller, Strand, London.
64/74 (60/5860)


c 1868
Lith. A.M. Gauci
n.p. n.d.
Tinted lithograph.
19.7 x 12.5in.
Hereford Steer. From life on stone by A M Gauci, 24 Stephen St. Tottenham Court Road.
Printed by Newman & Co., 48 Watling St. London
(Signature in the picture) A. M. Gauci 1868.
64/86 (5/726)


c 1868
Lith. A.M. Gauci. Printer J.King & Co. Ltd.
n.p., n.d.
Tinted lithograph.
19.5 x 12.2 in.
'Kate' Norfolk-polled heifer. Fed on food seasoned with Thorley's condiment, age 2 years 8 months, bred & exhibited by William Mayes Bond, Esqr. of Bacton, North Walsham, Norfolk. Winner of the 1st prize at Smithfield Cattle Show, 1867.
>From life & on stone by A. M. Gauci. Stephen St. Tottenham Court Road London
(signature in the picture) A M Gauci 1868 Animal painter 24 Stephen St. Tottenhamn Court Road London
64/89 (60/5862)


Painter G.L.. Newmarch.
Lith. T. Underwood.
n.p., n.d.
Tinted lithograph, hand coloured.
17.7 x 11.8 in.
Prize cattle shown at the Birmingham and Midland Counties Exhibition 1849. Dedicated by permission to the Right Honble, the Earl of Aylesford President, by his very obedt. humble servt. G.B. Newmarch. The Durham ox the property of His Grace, the Duke of Rutland, K.G. gained the first prize £10 in its class & the gold medal as the best ox or steer. - The Devon heifer, the property of the Right Hon: the Earl of Aylesford gained the first prize £10 in its class and the Silver medal. - The Galway Scot, the property of the Rt. Hon: Lord Hatherton, gained the first prize in its class £10 – TheHighland Scot, the property of John Robb Esqre. Thorpe Fields, near Thorpe Yorkshire; gained the first prized in its class £10. - The small bred pig was drawn from the prize specimens exhibited and fed by Mr. Joseph Hardwick Camphill Birmm. & bred by Mr Thos. Smith. Cheapside; - The large pig was exhibited & fed by Dr. Thomas Dobbs, Bristol Road, Edgbaston, and bred by Mr. Isaac Sargent, Kingsnorton, Worcestershire.
G.D. Newmarch pinxt. T. Underwood lith. Printed at T. Underwood's Lithographic Establishment 78 High St. Birmm
64/97 (60/5850)


Painter G. Garrard. Engr. Wm. Ward.
London, Geoe. Garrard, 1813
Mezzotint (proof).
23.8 x 18 in.
The Durham white ox. Of the improved Tees Water breed. Bred and fed by John Nesham Esqr. of Houghton le Spring, Durham. Weight 210 stone of 14lb; Through shoulder point, 4'0": Height of shoulder, 5’4"; do Rump, 5'5"; From tail to pole, 8 '6': Round shin bone, 8½” ; Across huggins, 3'6”; Daylight under brisket, 1’3”; Girth at brisket, 10'10”; do. of chest, 10'8"; do. huggins, 10'6". Painted by G. Garrard A.R.A. Engraved by Wm. Ward engraver to their R.H. the Prince Regent & the Duke of York. Pubd. Decr. 1, 1813, for the proprietor of the ox by Geoe. Garrard, 23 Old Bond Street, London
64/83 (60/5856)


c 1868
Lith. A.M. Gauci.
Printer J. Haddon & Co.
Tinted lithograph. 19.6 x 12.1 in.
Berkshire pigs fed on food seasoned with Thorley's condiment. Age 9 months & 23 days, bred and exhibited by John Treadwell, Esqr. , of Upper Winchendon, Aylesbury, Bucks. 1st prize at Smithfield Club Show, 1867, 1st. at Aylesbury, and 1st. at Tring, the same year.
>From life and on Stone by A M Gauci. Stephen St, Tottenham Ct. Rd. Printed by J. Haddon & Co. 3 George Yard Lombard St.
(Signature in the picture) A M Gauci, 1868 Animal painter, 24 Stephen St, Tottenham Court Road London
64/72 (60/5853)


c 1868
Lith. A.M. Gauci.
Printer Ben George.
n.p., n.d.
Tinted lithograph.
19.5 x 12.4 in.
Devon heifer. Fed on food seasoned with Thorley's condiment. Age 3 years, 2 months, 1 week. Exhibitor, Richd. Burton, Esq. Place Barton, Broadclyst, Devon. Breeder Geo. Gibbs, Esq., Bishops Lydeard, Somerset. 1st. prize at Bingly Hall 1867, & 1st prize at Smithfield Club Show the same year.
>From life & on Stone by A.M. Gauci, Stephen St. Tottenham Ct Road. Ben George imp London & Paris.
(Signature in the picture) A M Gauci Animal painter 24 Stephen St. Tottenham Court Rd. London 1868.
64/80 (60/5852)


Painter G. Horner.
Engr. Charles Turner.
Bedale, Yorks, Henry Nicholson, 1838
Aquatint, hand coloured.
23.2 x 17.3 in.
The Yorkshire Rose. This wonderful animal was bred by the late John Ainsley Esqre. of Otterington House, near Northallerton, Yorkshire, and fed by Medd Scarth Esq. Carlton, near Stokesley. Her astonishing dimensions are as under, viz. Length from nose to the rump 11'3"; Height at the rump 6’0”; do at the Shoulder, the fore leg below the knee, 7¾'; Square on the back 3’3½” stone. Her weight is 221 stones, or 14 pounds to the stone, or 386 stones 6 pounds of 8 pounds to the stone. She is 4 years & 7 months old, is very healthy & in an improving state, what is most surprising her only food from 6 months old to the age of 3 years and 5 months was grass and hay, notwithstanding her amazing weight she is very active. This plate is by permission most respectfully dedicated to John Hutton Esqre. Sober Hill, by his very obedient servant Henry Nicholson, Junr.
Painted by G. Horner Manchester. Engraved by C. Turner, A.R.A. Published March 17, 1838, by Mr Henry Nicholson, Bedale, Yorkshire.

(Details of lettering from Rothamsted Catalogue)
64/112 (5/727)


Painter W. H. Davis. Lith. W.H. Davis
Printer C. Hullmandel
(Chelsea, W.H. Davis, 1834)
Lithograph, hand coloured.
25 x 18.7 in.
The Rutland prize ox. The property of Mr. Robt. Smith, Burley on the Hill. This ox, of the Durham breed, obtained the first prize of 15 sovereigns at the Rutland Agricultural Society’s Shew, at Oakham also at the Smithfield Club Shew the first prize of 20 sovereigns, in class 1.
Printed by C. Hullmandel. Painted from life and drawn on stone by W. H. Davis animal painter to His Majesty, Church Street, Chelsea.
(Signature in the picture) W.H. Davis 1834
64/100 (60/5847)


c 1850
Painter H. Barrand.
Lith. M. & N. Hanhart.
n.p. n.d.
Tinted lithograph.
26.3 x 20.9 in.
>From the picture. Presented to Mr. Valentine Barford, by his friends as a token of respect for his upright conduct and of his perseverance and ability in keeping up the true character and form of the pure bred Bakewell Leicester sheep.
Painted by H. Barraud. M. & N. Hanhart lith.
(Details of lettering from Rothamsted Catalogue)
61/243 (60/5848)


Painter B. Hubbard.
Lith. C. Moody.
Boston, Thos. Moses (1846)
Lithograph, hand coloured.
20.7 x 14.9 in.
The prize heifer Flower, at one year and four months old. Bred by Mr. Thomas Moses, of Stenigot, near Louth, Lincolnshire: (Herd Book Vol 6; page 377) Got by Belvedere, the 4th Herd Book, 3130; dam by son of Quarternion, 1351; gr. dam by Ivanhoe, 1131; gr. g. dam by Cossack, 925; gr. g. g. dam by Waddingworth, 668.
Flower was the winner of the following prizes (open to all England) the first prize as she-calf (when four months old). Exhibited in a class of 6, at the North Lincolnshire meeting, at Caistor, in 1843. At the North Lincolnshire meeting at Horncastle, 1844, first prize, & a sweepstakes, as the best yearling heifer in a class of 9. Also at Lincoln; same year; second prize, in a class of 7. In 1845; at the Sleaford meeting, the first prize, as a two years old heifer; & at Gainsborough, the second prize. Same year, in a class of 7. – And the first prize, as a three year old, at the North Lincolnshire meeting; at Market Rasen, in 1846, in a class of 6. Flower was sold at Mr. Moses's sale, in 1846, for 57 guineas; a yearling bull (Frederick, the first calf) for 42 gs., & a bull-calf (the second), six weeks old, for 17 gs. This extraordinary animal, when one year & four months old weighed 80 st. 2lbs (14lbs to the st.). Dedicated, by permission, to the Revd. Basil Beridge, by his most humble servant, Thomas Moses
Painted by B Hubbard, Louth. C. Moody litho 257 Holborn. Boston: published by Thos. Moses, York Street, Main Ridge.
(Details where missing from Rothamsted Catalogue)
64/98 (60/5851)


c 1837
Painter B. Hubbard.
Lith. J.W. Giles.
Printer J. Graf.
London, W.S. Fores. n.d.
lithograph, hand coloured.
19.3 x 13.8 in.
The Trusthorpe ox. Which gained the prize at the Smithfield Club Cattle Show, Christmas 1836. Bred and fed by Wm. Loft Esqr.
Painted by B. Hubbard. On stone by J.W. Giles. Printed by J. Graf. London, published by S.W. Fores, 41, Piccadilly.
64/108 (60/5846)


c 1830
Painter J. Howe.
Engr. R. Scott.
n.p., n.d.
Mezzotint, hand coloured.
22.8 x 17 in.
To Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster Bart M.P. & President of the Board of Agriculture, this print of the Northumberland ox, Bred and Fed by Thos Jobbing Esqr. of Styford in the County of Northumberland Is Humbly Dedicated by his most obedient servant, Thomas Bennet. This remarkable Animal was fed without tasting Oil-cake. His length was, from the Nose to the setting on of the Tail, 11 ft 2 in. Height at Shoulder 5 ft 6 in; - Round the Girth 9 ft 11 in - Round the Breast and Shoulder 11 ft 3 in - and cross the Hucks 3 ft 1 in - His fore Quarters weighed 133 st 11lb 9½oz - His Tallow 20 st 11lb 11½ pz - and His Hide 7 st 12lb - being in all 162 st 7 Ib 5 oz - at 14 pound to the Stone - The quality of his Beef was so Fine that it was sold in the Edinburgh Market by Thomas Bennet, the Proprietor at 1s 6d pr pound weight, who Purchased the Animal, from Hr. Thomas Hibbert of Glasgow, for 120 Guineas.
Engraved by R. Scott. Painted by J. Howe Edinr.
64/93 (5/720)


Painter G. Cuit.
Engr. Robert Pollard.
Darlington, Wm. Appleton. 1801
Aquatint, hand coloured.
18.6 x 13 in.
To Sir Ralph Milbanke Bart. This print of the Ketton ox, is most respectfully inscribed by his obliged and obedient servant Charles Colling. This ox, five years old, was bred and fed by Mr. Chas. Colling of Kitton (sic) near Darlington in the county of Durham.
Cuit of Richmond Yorkshire pinxt. Robt. Pollard of London sculpsit. Published June 1, 1801, for the proprietor, by Wm. Appleton, Darlington.
This is a portrait of the same animal as The Durham Ox No. 24.
64/90 (5/729)


c 1879
Painter Aster Corbould
London, Letts, Son & Co. Limited. n.d.
28.5 x 17.5 in.
Suffolk or Norfolk. Sussex. Glamorgan. Hereford. Shorthorn Bull. North Wales. Devon. South Wales Cow. Derbyshire Long Horn.
(Signature in the picture) Aster Corbould
64/75 (5/731)


c 1859
Painter James Clark. Lith. ______
Printer C. Moody
n.p., n.d.
Lithograph, hand coloured.
25.8 x 19.3 in.
The Thorney prize ox, which took the first prize in London, £25, first prize at Peterborough. £8, and second prize at Oakham. £7 and was sold for £65. Xmas 1858, was 4 yrs. 5 months old and weighed 128 st. 8lbs loose fat, 19 st. 6lbs. Fed by Mr. Samuel Marriott, and bred by Mr. E. Griffin, West Ashby, near Horncastle.
Printed by C. Moody, 257, High Holborn.
The original painting is No. 13 in the Catalogue.
64/107 (60/5849)


Painter W. H. Davis.
Lith. Day and Son.
Grantham, Samuel Ridge & Son, 1856.
Chromolithograph in six colours.
26.8 x 20 6 in.
Short Horned ox, four years and four months old bred and fed by His Grace the Duke of Rutland, at the Belvoir Castle farm, which obtained the first prize in class 10 of £25 with silver medal to the breeder, and the gold medal as the best ox exhibited at the Smithfield Club Show, December, 1854 - weight 126 stone.
W H. Davis, del. Day & Son, Chromolith. to the Queen. Grantham, published by Samuel Ridge & Son, Jany 1st, 1856.
64/103 (5/724)


c 1840
Painter J. W. Snow.
Lith. Hullmandel and Walton.
London, H. Graves & Co. Wm. Shield, The Parthenon, Newcastle-upon-tyne.
Lithograph, hand coloured.
27.8 x 21.6 in.
64/111 (5/717)


Painter H. Strafford.
Lith. Thomas Fairland.
Printer J. Graf.
Lonclon, F. W. Fores, 1837
Lithograph, hand coloured.
19.3 x 13.9 in.
The Oakley ox. Winner of the first class premium of twenty sovereigns & the gold medal, exhibited at the Smithfield Club Cattle Show, Christmas 1836. The property of the most noble the Marquis of Tavistock to whom this print, By permission is most respectfully dedicated by the publisher, .S. W. Fores.
Painted by H. Strafford. On stone by Thos. Fairland. Printed by J. Graf. London, published by S. W. Fores, 41 Picadilly.
Details of lettering where missing from Rothamsted Catalogue.
64/94 (60/5817)


c 1840
Painter Thomas Bland.
Lith. J.W. Giles.
Printer. G. Graf.
Penrith, George Bell. n.d.
Lithograph printed on India paper.
21.1 x 14.7 in.
Portrait of a Short Horned ox. Which was bred, and fed, by Sir George Musgrave, Bart. Eden Hall, Cumberland and to which was awarded the East Cumberland Agricultural Society’s premiums for the best ox, in two successive years. Aged 6 years, and weighed 140 stones.
Painted by Thos. Bland. Drawn on stone by J. W. Giles. Published by Mr. George Bell, Penrith. C. Graf, lith. to Her Majesty.
64/95 (60/5861)


c 1840
Painter H. Stratford.
Lith. J. W Giles.
Printer C. Hullmandel.
London, John Moore, n.d.
Lithograph, hand coloured.
25.4 x 17.9 in.
The Castle Howard oxen. Bred and fed by the Right Honble. the Earl of Carlisle, at Castle Howard, Yorkshire, under the superintendence of Mr. Henderson. These celebrated animals were by his Lordship's bull, Rockingham (2550). The one in profile obtained the first prize at the Yorkshire Agricultural jociety's Show held at York in 1838, then 4 years old.His dimensions & weight as follows: Height 16 hands 3¼ in: width over the hucks 3 ft. Width at the nicking 2 ft 9¼in; Width at the back rib 3 ft 5½ in; Length from shoulder point to rump end 6 ft 4 in: Girth 10 ft: Length of hind quarter, from the ising to the hock 3 ft 2 in: Length from between the horns to the tail 9 ft 1 in; Depth from shoulder point to dewlap 4 ft 8 in: Girth of fore-leg under the knee 6 in; weight when slaughtered in 1840, 156 stones 8lbs of 14lbs to the stone imperial or 271 stones of 8lbs to the stone.
Drawn on stone by J. W Giles, from a painting by H. Stratford, printed by C. Hullmandel. London: published by John Moore printseller to H.R.H. the Duke of Orleans no 1 & 2, West St. Upper St. Martins Lane.
(Signature in the. picture) , Hy. Strafford
64/78 (60/5859)


c 1835
Lith. J. Pitman,
Printer C. Hullmandel.
n.p. , n.d.
18.3 x 13.7 in.
The Madresfield heifer. To the Right Honorable the Earl of Beauchamp, this portrait of an improved short horned heifer bred by his Lordship is with permission respectfully inscribed by his Lordship's obliged and obedient servant, William Payne
Drawn on stone by J. Pitman. Printed by C. Hullmandel.
64/91 (5/730)


c 1835
Lith. W. H. Davis.
Printer C. Hullmandel.
n.p., n.d.
Lithograph, hand coloured.
26 x 19 in.
Portrait of T. W. Coke Esqr. & Clerk Hilliard Esqr. with a North Devon Ox bred and fed at Holkham in Norfolk which was considered the most perfect animal of its kind. Sketched from life and drawn on stone by W H Davis, animal painter to Her Majesty. Church Street, Chelsea.
Printed by C. Hullmandel.
64/96 (5/723)


Lith.. A. M. Gauci.
Printer C. H. Curtis.
n.p. , n.d.
Tinted lithograph.
19.7 x 12.5 in.
"Violet" Short Horn heifer. Fed on food seasoned with Thorley's condiment. age 3 years 10 months, bred by Lord Feversham, of Duncombe Park, Helmsley, Yorkshire. 1st. prize at Bingly Hall, Birmingham, 1867 & 2nd. at the Smithfield Club Show the same year.
>From life & on stone by A M. Gauci, 24 Stephen St , Tottenham Ct Road. Printed by C. H. Curtis, 2 Percy Circus, Pentonville.
(signature in the picture) A M Gauci. 1868 Animal painter. 24 .Stephen St. Tottenham Court Rd. London.
64/110 (5/721)

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