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Image reference: TR FOW PHN/W506   35/10299

Two compound ploughing engines (16 hp) with tackle
for dam scooping in Australia. 1883.

Image reference: TR FOW PHN /W118   35/10588

Straw burning ploughing engine, front steerage for
Poland. Head & Schemioth straw burning apparatus. 1874.

Image reference: P FW PH2 T43   35/8930

Threshing gang with Burrell engine near Bognor Regis,
Sussex. 1947.

Image reference: P FW PH2 S53

Steam ploughing in progress at the Royal East Berkshire Show.

Image reference: P FW PH2 S53/12

Traction engine & “drag.” Cultivating ground in preparation
for the sowing of winter wheat. 1966.

Image reference: P FW PH2 T43

Threshing near Marazion,
West Cornwall. August 1940.

Image reference: P FW PH2 S53/9

Steam ploughing, Berkshire. c1928.

Image reference: P FW PH2 T43   35/19797

Threshing, Westerham, Kent. 1939.

Image reference: TR FOW PHN/B2572   35/8252

Roadless tractor, “Snaketrac.” John Fowler & Co.
Leeds Ltd. 1923.

Image reference: P DX1016

Darby’s Pedestrian Broadside Digger.