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We run a series of social trips to locations around the UK, giving PSE students the opportunity to visit interesting places and immerse themselves in British culture. It's a great opportunity to social with friends and meet new ones along the way.

We have taken students to cities such as Oxford, Windsor and London as well as trips to coastal locations such as Bournemouth, Brighton and Portsmouth - we often go to these cities in the summer when the weather is perfect for day by the sea!

Students can also benefit from a sports programme throughout the summer (June to September). We also have welcome evenings for and other social events such as Karaoke and Barn Dancing.

Many of these trips are free for our PSE students, although there may be a small charge for students that have been on more than one trip.  

How do I book my place?

Once you have arrived and fully enrolled onto the PSE programme you will receive an email to your University email account which will explain when and how to book onto the social trip/event via our online store. We will also explain this at our welcome evenings.

Please note only students that have arrived and enrolled can book onto the trip. Students cannot book pre-arrival to the UK.

Where will the coaches be on the day?

Shortly after you have booked your place you will receive an email to explain which coach you are on and where to meet on the day. The coaches' departure point is on Chancellor's Way, Whiteknights campus. Please bring your student card with you on the day as this speeds up registration on the departure!

You will also be provided a map of the location which will highlight where the coach will be parked for the return journey. We will also provide you with a list of key attractions to see and visit during the day, Bath photoso you are more aware of what the location has to offer.

Do I have to stay with the group on these trips?

No, students are free to explore the city with their friends but must be back in time before the coach departs.

Occasionally we will run specific events on the day such as tours around the Victoria Albert Museum and Windsor Castle. Students can choose whether to take part in the tour or explore the city instead.  

What happens if I get lost?

A member of ISLI staff will have a mobile phone with them during the day in case of emergency. The mobile number will be provided to students both on the day and in their confirmation email.

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