Pre-sessional: how we teach you

Mark Pearce teaches a vocabulary class at the ISLCThe Pre-sessional learning experience offers:

  • A full-time and intensive programme, during which active participation is encouraged
    from all students.
  • Class sizes of 12-15 students organised according to level, maximising group interaction and tutor feedback.
  • An integrated approach to language and skills teaching, reflecting real-life academic tasks, so you learn through activities such
    as essay writing, and listening to lectures.
  • The development of learning strategies and problem-solving skills to help you achieve the independence expected of students in UK universities.
  • The opportunity to research and write an extended essay in your particular subject area.
  • Individualised support to students to help them settle into life in Reading, give useful advice on independent study, and help with applications for degree programmes.
  • Extra support classes, which include:
        • developing control of grammar and vocabulary
        • improving spelling - gaining confidence and fluency in speaking.

    The Self-Access Centre for Language Learning has a vast range of resoures to help you develop your language skillsOur resources include:

    • Classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards and student PCs, offering a motivating learning environment.
    • The Self-Access Centre for Language Learning (SACLL), a dedicated language library and learning centre with 30 networked PCs, Wi-Fi connection, language learning software, books, DVDs and dictionaries to encourage independent learning.
    • The Self-Access Centre for Language Learning (SACLL) website, incorporating language support, tasks and lecture recordings, providing extra language and skills practice.
    • Published course books developed in-house by our experienced, well-qualified academic staff.


    • Continuous assessment tasks are given at regular intervals, so that progress can be monitored, and extra support given where needed.
    • The TEEP (an integrated skills exam) is taken at the end of the course by students with conditional offers.
    • Both continuous assessment and TEEP grades contribute towards pre-sessional report grades to give an accurate reflection of student level assessed over the whole period of study.
    • It is not necessary to take an external test (e.g. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test of English as Foreign language (TOEFL).

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