Pre-sessional: course content

The content of the Pre-sessional Programme includes English language skills inspeaking, reading, listening and writing, as well as academic skillsOur Pre-sessional Programme combines academic English and study skills preparation to help you meet your academic English language requirements for your chosen course of study.  It develops your abilities in the four main language skills:

  • writing for academic essays and examinations
  • reading of academic books and journal articles
  • listening during lectures and discussions
  • speaking during group work, discussions, seminars and presentations

It also aims to develop:

  • your control of grammar and vocabulary
  • better research skills
  • more efficient note-taking skills during lectures, seminars and reading
  • greater confidence and independence
  • better critical thinking skills
  • relevant e-learning skills. 

We adopt an integrated approach to the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, reflecting the way in which the four skills naturally overlap in real academic life. We place the emphasis on dynamic, interactive classroom activities with maximum participation by students.

Example timetable (July - September)

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09.15 to 10.45 Reading and writing Reading and writing Listening to lecture Reading and writing Reading and writing
11.15 to 12.45 Speaking and listening Speaking and listening Reviewing lecture Speaking and listening Speaking and listening
14.00 to 15.30 Extended writing and research skills Extended writing and research skills Independent study Extended writing and research skills Tutorials

A course that grows with you

The Programme is designed to meet your specific needs as they evolve during your studies. For lower-level students there is more emphasis on language development; improving your grammar, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation and language skills. As you develop this knowledge and these skills, the emphasis changes more towards academic skills, such as supporting your ideas in academic writing with references to other sources.

World-class learning materials

Most learning materials have been written by academic staff within ISLI, so they closely match your needs and our approach to teaching and learning. The high quality of our materials had led to their publication by Garnet Education, and they are now used in many universities in the UK and abroad.


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