Staff Profile: Wendy Smith

Name: Wendy Smith

Job title: Course Tutor (German and English) - IWLP & PSE


During the academic year I teach on these credit-bearing modules:

IWLP German Level 1

IWLP English for Erasmus Students

From April to September, I teach on the year-round and summer pre-sessional English programmes:

PSE 3 - specific components, e.g. Reading or Project classes

PSE 5 - Undergraduate cohort

Area(s) of interest

In general, I am fascinated by all aspects of language teaching and learning, and in every course I teach I enjoy finding out something new about the many different ways in which people learn languages, and how this can be incorporated into my teaching. I am also a keen learner of languages myself - I am currently taking a false beginners' course in French and Italian at intermediate level; and I find English from the Anglo-Saxon and Medieval periods fascinating as well.

Within the field of Applied Linguistics, I am particularly interested in empirical studies into cross-cultural differences and how these are reflected in the language used to perform specific functions, such as requesting, apologising or thanking. For example, the way in which polite requests are made in English tends to be quite different from how they are made in German, as in many cases the language used in English would tend to be more indirect. Differences like this open up pitfalls for learners of a language and often lead to 'transfer' of patterns from the native language - another area I am interested in.


MA Applied Linguistics (University of Nottingham)

BA Joint Hons English Studies and German (University of Nottingham)

Cambridge CELTA

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