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Professor Sarah Brewer
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Research and Publications Co-Ordinator

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TNE & Academic English Programme

My career started in English Literature and my PhD was an edition of 18th century letters. I've been working in English Language teaching since 1991 and joined ISLI in 2002. As a lecturer in EAP, I am a member of BALEAP (the Global Forum for EAP Professionals) and am currently the incoming Chair. I'm also a reviewer for the BALEAP Conference Proceedings and keen to promote EAP practitioners' involvement in scholarship and research. My own interests are in the teaching of reading, reading-into-writing and in assessment and I have presented on these areas in the UK, the Czech Republic, Norway and Austria.

MA (Oxford), MA ELT (Reading), PhD (Birmingham)

Areas of Interest:
Research groups / Centres:

Books or contributions to books:

Brewer, S. (Ed.). (1995)The Early Letters of Bishop Richard Hurd (1739-1762). Woodbridge: The Boydell Press.

Brewer, S., (2004). Macro, Cox (bap. 1683, d. 1767). In Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Brewer, S., & Ditchfield, G. M. (2004). Hurd, Richard (1720-1808). In Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Publications available online:

Brewer, S., Calderwood, M., Roche, C., Schmitt, D., Slaght, J., & Williams, A. (2013.). Can Do Framework: Competency statements for international students (Master's level).

Blaj-Ward, L., & Brewer, S. (Eds.). (2013). Snapshots of EAP research journeys.

Conference papers, workshops and talks:

'Networking and events: virtual and face-to-face'. Going Global: Perspectives on BALEAP. BALEAP pre-conference event at the 15th international Bilkent University School of English language ELT conference, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.

'Networking across borders: challenges in crossing linguistic, academic and cultural borders'. Language Education across Borders, Graz, 8 -10 December, 2017.

'Creating an EAP management network together' (workshop) (with Liz Wilding), BALEAP Biennial conference, University of Bristol, April, 2017.

'Developing specificity in the writing classroom' (workshop) (with Anne Vicary), European Association of Teachers of Academic Writing (EATAW) Conference, Tallinn, Estonia, June, 2015

'Reading in the international classroom: making sense of research papers' Norwegian Forum for English for Academic Purposes Conference, Oslo, June, 2015.

'Analysing ESAP provision and improving course design and materials' (with Anne Vicary). Norwegian Forum for English for Academic Purposes Conference, Oslo, June, 2014.

'Verifying criteria for standard setting: the Can Do Project (UK)' (with John Slaght), IATEFL Testing, Evaluation and Assessment SIG Conference, Prague, October, 2012.

'Innovation in HE assessment and its impact on in-sessional and pre-sessional programmes', BALEAP PIM, University of Sheffield, November, 2011.

'BALEAP Can Do framework: Listening (with John Slaght), IATEFL Symposium, Academic Listening, Convenor: Glyn Jones, IATEFL Conference, April, 2011.

'Cross pollination: feeding research into teaching practice', BALEAP Biennial conference, University of Portsmouth, April, 2011.

'Treading on dangerous ground? Teaching the literature review within a Discipline', ResTES, BALEAP Conference, University of Portsmouth, April, 2011.

'Using Jing with low-level reading classes', BALEAP PIM, University of Bristol, February, 2011.

'Sweetening the pill: helping students to digest and act upon assessment feedback', BALEAP PIM, University of Nottingham, November, 2010.

'Can Do Project', Work in Progress session (with Diane Schmitt and John Slaght), Language Testing Research Colloquium, University of Cambridge, April, 2010.

'How dedicated do we have to be? Providing in-sessional English support to Construction Management students', BALEAP PIM, INTO Newcastle, February, 2010.

'The EAS series. Preparing for higher education', International Sales Conference, Garnet Education, Reading, February, 2010.

'The successes and challenges of in-sessional dedicated writing classes: the need for a flexible approach' (with Sebastian Watkins), BALEAP conference, University of Reading, February, 2009.

'Can Do Project' workshop (with Moira Calderwood, Carmel Roche, Diane Schmitt and John Slaght), BALEAP conference, University of Reading, February, 2009.

'Does spelling matter for international students?' (with Jonathan Smith), BALEAP PIM : Specific Learning Difficulties In EAP, SOAS, University of London, May 2008.

'In-sessional provision: curriculum, teaching and quality' (with Lynda O'Brien and Nicola Taylor), BALEAP PIM, University of Portsmouth, November, 2007.

In-sessional Provision: Dedicated classes at Masters level' (with Nicola Taylor). BALEAP PIM, University of Exeter, November, 2005.

'Using JISC software to detect plagiarism' (with Joan McCormack), University of Reading Conference of Learning and Technology, July 2004.


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