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Mr John Slaght
Job Title:
Associate Professor
  • John Slaght is responsible for managing the academic development and creation of a range of English language tests produced by the International Study and Language Institute (ISLI) including the Test of English for Educational Purposes (TEEP). He heads a team of five academics involved in the development of assessment measures and test development. John also coordinates the teaching of academic reading for pre-sessional courses and teaches on the academic reading programme.
  • Input on MA in ELT: Language Testing Principles
Areas of Interest:
  • Interests include the impact of assessment measures on materials design and course content. John Slaght is particularly concerned that assessment should be course content driven and should match the needs of students embarking on future academic courses. John is also concerned that the students' potential is fully realised on their academic courses through the development of appropriate research and study skills. He has worked extensively on developing tests which reflect the types of activities that students are likely to be involved in on their academic courses.
  • all areas of language testing & test development
  • EAP methodology with particular focus on the teaching of reading for academic purposes
Research groups / Centres:
  • BALEAP CAN DO Project (2007-2013)
  • Pearson sponsored: Automated assessment of lexical diversity and n-grams in essays of test takers of the PTE Academic
  • Slaght, J. & Harbin, P. (2004, 2006, 2008, 2009.) English for Academic Study: Reading Garnet Education
  • Slaght, J (2012) English for academic studies: reading in an academic context. Reading: Garnet Publishing
  • McCormack, J. & Slaght, J. (2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012). English for Academic Study: Extended Writing & Research skills. Garnet Education.
  • Slaght, J. (2011). 'Lead role or supporting act? The status of computer-based testing in EAP assessment' Proceedings of the 2009 BALEAP Conference. Reading: Garnet Education.
  • Slaght, J & Howell, D.M. (2007). 'The role of TEEP as a Course-Driven Assessment Measure on a Pre-sessional Programme' BALEAP/SATEFL Joint conference: New Approaches to Materials Development for language learning
  • Slaght, J & Howell, D.M. (2007). Action research into pre-sessional students' differentiation of Assessments. BALEAP Conference Proceedings 2007: Garnet Education.
  • Slaght, J. (2011). 'Lead role or supporting act? The status of computer-based testing in EAP assessment' Proceedings of the 2009 BALEAP Conference. Reading: Garnet Education.
MA Applied Linguistics (Reading)
BA (HONS) History (Manchester)
RSA Diploma (TEFLA) (Cambridge)
PGCE (History & French) (Manchester)
Associate Professor in Second Language Testing

Conference presentations:

• Tasks and Strategies in the reading classroom: TESOL Spain :( Madrid 2000).

• Further Tasks and strategies in the reading classroom: ESP Conference University of Damascus. Syria. (March 2001).

• Tasks and strategies in reading revisited – further developments in EAP reading methodology TESOL Spain. (Valencia 2003)

• Developing critical academic literacy in politics through EAP/ESP tasks and strategies. (with Anne Pallant) :Manchester Conference Centre. (June 2003)

• The TEEP: revisiting the wheel. British Council. Colombo: Sri Lanka. (March 2004).

• Testing & Evaluation in the Tertiary Sector British Council. Colombo. Sri Lanka. (March 2004)

• Models for English Language Support. Prague Exhibition Centre: Czech Republic. (November 2004).

• Re-design of an EAP language test: justification and outcome.(with Bruce Howell) Language Testing Forum: University of Cambridge. (2005)

• TEEP: a course-driven assessment measure. BALEAP: Herriot Watt University) with Bruce Howell: 2006

• Marker training and standardisation. (February 2007). BALEAP PIM: University of Salford.

• Pre-sessional students differentiation of assessments (April 2007) (with Bruce Howell): University of Durham.

• Integrated Approach to teaching extended writing in an academic context. (with Joan McCormack). IATEFL: Aberdeen. (April 2007)

• Purpose as a principle in materials design. University of Tampere: Vaasa Finland. (October 2007).

• Integrated reading and writing: materials design. University of Southampton Special Interest Group. (November 2007).

• Lead role or supporting act: the status of online testing in EAP assessment. BALEAP: University of Reading. (April 2009).

• Can Do Project work in progress. (With Dr Sarah Brewer) Language Testing Research Colloquium: Cambridge. (April 2010).

• TEEP Speaking Test: rationale and reality. PIM: University of Nottingham. (November 2010).

• Authenticity and need in the design of EAP reading tests. BALEAP: University of Portsmouth. (April 2011).

• ‘Can Do’ framework for academic listening BALEAP working party. (With Dr Sarah Brewer). IATEFL listening symposium. Brighton IATEFL (April 2011)

• The impact of topic and role on candidate performance in paired Speaking Tests. Language Testing Forum (Warwick November 2011).

• Verifying criteria for standard setting: the Can Do Project (UK): IATEFL Testing, Evaluation & Assessment SIG Conference: Prague with Dr Sarah Brewer (University of Reading). (October 12-13, 2012)

• Language Knowledge: a reliable predictor of performance in language tests? Language Testing Forum: University of Nottingham, (November 2013).

• Feedback on extensive reading activities: getting them to read between and beyond the lines: PIM Oxford Brookes University (November 2013) 

External examining:

External examiner: International Centre for English Language Study: Oxford Brookes University (2005-2009)

External examiner: International Language Centre: University of Southampton (2012 on-going ). English for Academic Studies.

External examination experience:

Cambridge examinations: item writer for a range of tests for EAP and for international examinations such as IELTS, CPE, BEC and the ARELS. Also the General English Proficiency Test GEPT (Taiwan) (since 1989).

He is also an experienced examiner (1988 - 2009) and for several years was the Regional Team Leader (2002- 2010) for the Cambridge Advanced English Paper 2.

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+44 (0) 118 378 6470

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