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Ms Joan McCormack
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Associate Professor

Course Director

Responsible for directing 10-week courses. The role involves co-ordinating all aspects of the administration, student induction and ongoing support, as well as staff recruitment, briefing and training.

Director of Self-Access Centre for Independent Language Learning

The self-access centre is a university facility, and the role involves employing and training staff, deciding on appropriate materials for the centre, developing online materials, and liaising with teachers of modern languages about materials. It also involves promoting the university policy of internationalisation through cross-cultural language exchange groups.

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EAP lecturer

Teaching study skills, academic writing, and speaking. Co-ordinator of Extended Writing and Study Skills courses.

Materials Development

  • Working on material for extended writing, including online materials
  • Working on material for academic speaking - seminar skills and presentation skills
  • Working on materials for use in the self-access centre
  • Joint JISC project with Southampton University, for sharing and developing online resources in collaboration with other universities. 'In broad terms, L2O has aimed to evaluate the feasibility of re-using learning resources across the regional community and in different educational and teaching contexts, and for different purposes' 2004 - 2006

Project website:

Areas of Interest:
  • Autonomous learning
  • Academic writing and research skills
  • Development of students' competence and confidence in speaking
  • Materials development in response to student needs
Research groups / Centres:

Leading a small team in the benchmarking English language textbooks to the Common European Framework for the Spanish market, in conjunction with Roehampton University

1. Framework 2004 for Richmond publishing

2. Power 2005 for Richmond publishing

3. Platform 2006 for McGraw Hill publishing

City and Guilds CEFR linking Project; Part a team benchmarking tasks for examinations across a range of levels

International Association for Teaching English as Foreign Language (IATEFL) 2002 - 2004: Co-ordinator of the Learner Independence Special Interest Group

Conference presentations and workshops

Bacehesir University, Istanbul, Turkey April 2010

Workshop on Extended Writing and Research Skills for University teachers

EAP Conference Toronto, Canada, November 2009

Invited plenary speaker to open the first EAP (English for Academic Purposes) Conference in Canada. Fostering Learner Independence in and EAP environment

Organised JISC workshop at University of Reading. June 2007 Finding, sharing and re-using online resources - personalising the experience for the teacher and the learner . Paper on 'Analysis of questionnaire results on user perception of JISC project materials'

IATEFL Conference, Aberdeen, April 2007 (International Association for Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Co-presenter with John SlaghtThe teaching of Extended Writing to International Students

BALEAP Conference, Durham University, April 2007 (The British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes)

Co-presenter with Sebastian Watkins Saying what you want to say when you want to say it developing discussion and presentation skills

BALEAP/SATEFL joint Conference, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, April 2005 (The Scottish Association for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language)

An integrated approach to teaching extended writing in an academic context

BALEAP University of Southampton 2003: Dealing with Plagiarism in

Extended Writing

IATEFL Brighton 2001: Empowering the Learner through self-assessment

EAP PIM Warwick 2001: Presentation on EAP Listening Comprehension materials

IATEFL SIG Symposium Madrid 2000: Self-assessment in self-access

IATEFL Dublin 2000: A model for self-access learning - making self-access work

BALEAP 1999: Self-access within an EAP Programme


McCormack, J. and Slaght, J. (2005). Extended Writing and Research Skills Lebanon: Garnet Education

McCormack, J. and Watkins, S. (2007). Speaking Lebanon: Garnet Education.


MA TEFL University of Reading, RSA Diploma in TEFL, International House Piccadilly, London. Diploma in Higher Education, Trinity College Dublin, BA in French and History, University College, Dublin Online Certificate in Application of Learning Technologies Learning Development Services & School of Education & Community Studies, University of East London

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+44 (0) 118 378 8407

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