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Mr Colin Campbell
Job Title:
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest:

Colin Campbell has worked in ELT for 28 years as a teacher, trainer, Director of Studies and Consultant. During that time he worked in a number of different countries, including Spain, Italy, Poland, Ireland and Estonia. He has worked at the University of Reading since 1998 where he teaches English for Academic Purposes.

Pedagogic Interests:

  • learner-based teaching
  • teacher education
  • academic vocabulary
  • listening
  • extensive reading

Research Interests:

  • word grammar
  • developing 'can do' statements for EAP
  • academic cultures
  • language knowledge for EAP
Research groups / Centres:
Teacher resource books:
- Campbell, C. et al, 1990 Options for English WPN (Warsaw) textbook and teacher's book
- Campbell, C. and Kryszewska, H. 1993 Learner-Based Teaching Oxford University Press
-Campbell, C. and Kryszewska, H. 1995 Towards Teaching Heinemann

Original Readers
- Campbell, C. 1999 The Ironing Man Cambridge University Press (Cambridge English Readers)
- Campbell, C. 2000 The Lady in White Cambridge University Press (Cambridge English Readers)
- Campbell, C. 2004 Parallel Cambridge University Press (Cambridge English Readers)

Course Books
- Campbell, C 2002 Matrix Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book Oxford University Press - Radley, Simons, Campbell Horizons Student's Books 1, 2, 3, 4 Oxford University Press

Review Articles
- Campbell, C. et al 1998 'Course Books for Secondary Schools' (Review article) ELT Journal 52/4: 337-352

Conference Presentations:

November 1997: 'The role of language improvement courses in teacher education', international ELT Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

March 2000 (with Heather Parfitt): 'Simplifying stories for use with young learners of EFL', TESOL, Madrid

April 2002: 'Teaching heterogeneous classes' British Council Anniversary Conference, Tallinn, Estonia

February 2003 (with Paul Thompson): 'Developing a Vocabulary for an EAP Course', University of Warwick BALEAP PIM

March 2003: 'What "can-do" statements can do for you' – the applications and limitations of "can-do" statements, Hungarian Teachers' Conference, Budapest

April 2003: 'How Students use items from the Academic Word List', BALEAP Conference, University of Southampton

July 2004: 'Academic Cultures: Observations from a tracking study of Chinese postgraduate students', University of Portsmouth

August 2004: 'The Coursebook Writer, the Teacher and the Student – and the different contributions they make', Estonian Association of Teachers of English, Parnu, Estonia

September 2005: 'Motivation and Mixed Ability Classes' Czech Teachers' Conference, Brno

BA (Hons) History (King's College, London) PGCE (Southampton) RSA Diploma in TEFL (Hove) MA in Applied Linguistics (Reading) Certificate in Counselling Skills and Attitudes (Westminster Pastoral Foundation, London)

Experience to date:

Colin has more than 20 years of experience in ELT as a teacher, trainer, Director of Studies, Consultant working for, among others, The British Council, University of Gdansk. He was also a co-founder of two private language schools in Italy and Poland. He has also worked in England, Ireland, Spain and Estonia. He taught on various short courses at CALS since February 1998 and was Short Courses Co-coordinator at CALS. Since 2001 he has concentrated on teaching on and course directing EAP courses.

He also served as an External Examiner for the Certificate and Diploma courses in TEFL at the British Institute in Paris from 2002 to 2004.

Training experience includes:
Tutor at the University of Gdansk Teacher Training College working with both pre-service and in-service teachers
Teaching Practice Supervisor with Peace Corps Volunteers in Poland and Estonia
Running trainer training courses in Estonia
Running Teacher Advisor courses in Poland

Management experience includes:
Director of Studies at the British Council Studium, University of Gdansk
Director of Cooperativa Insegnanti, Reggio Emilia, Italy and of English Language Services, Gdansk, Poland

Project Management experience includes:
Methodological director of national language improvement programme for teachers in Estonia
Co-coordinator of national professional development programme in Estonia

Colin Campbell

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+44 (0) 118 378 8510

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