Staff at the ISLI are experts in their field and this expertise is demonstrated in the publications that ISLI staff have published and contributed to. These include the Garnet English for Academic Study (EAS) series, which was developed in association with the ISLI and written by ISLI staff. This series is used as the source material for the pre-sessional programme and for other courses across the world.

The ISLI has also collaborated with Garnet English to develop the Transferable Academic Skills Kit (TASK). TASK is a flexible learning resource which takes into account the varied needs of both British and international students working towards a broad range of academic disciplines

The ISLI also produces InForm, a journal for international foundation programme professionals.

English for Academic Study (EAS)English for Academic Study (EAS) series

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Transferable Skills KitTASK series

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InForm: a journal for international foundation programme professionals

InForm is the journal of teaching and learning related practice for members of the academic community associated with International Foundation Programmes (IFPs). It is produced under the auspices of the International Foundation Programme at the University of Reading with the aim of publishing articles from the wider IFP sector.

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