Staff Research and Teaching

Staff research on biodiversity and taxonomy includes materials for research by a range of the biological sciences staff, particularly:

Professor Julie Hawkins

  • Phylogeny and evolution of flowering plants: Fabales, Cactaceae, Orchidaceae & Commiphora.
  • Phylogenetic patterns in traditional medicinal plant use.
  • Molecular marker data to determine identity, parentage or provenance of economically important plant species and the use of herbarium specimen data in the study of past environments.

Dr Jonathan Mitchley

  • Ecology and identification of the British and European flora.
  • Ecological restoration and grassland ecology.

Dr Alastair Culham

      • Phylogenetics, taxonomy and molecular marker aided identification of vascular plants.

Mrs Sue Mott

  • Preparation of specimens for BSc and MSc classes
  • Training in herbarium techniques

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