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The MSc in Plant Diversity (previously the M.Sc. in Plant and Fungal Taxonomy) has run continuouslMSc studentsy since its launch in 1969.

Over 500 M.Sc. research projects have used the herbarium collections in their research.

Some examples from recent years are:



  • Tom Cooper (2013) Diversification and Phylogeny of the Australian Tuberous Sundews (Drosera).
  • Marylene Mansfield-Williams (2013) Pterocarpus rohrii - How many species?
  • Emma Jardine (2013) Phylogenetic patterns and medicinal plant use: a cross cultural analysis of traditional use of the Poaceae.


  • Richard W. E. Kelly (2012) The development of vegetation and soil characteristics on Samphire Hoe after 20 years of maritime influences.
  • Abdusaheed Olabisi Yusuf (2012) Molecular and morphological identification of some date palm germplasm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.
  • Phil Newberry (2012) Does vegetative responses to extreme disturbance agree with Grimes' CSR theory? A case study from Upper Seeds, Wytham Woods.
  • Alice Hudson (2012) Darwin's naturalisation hypothesis: an investigation using the British Flora.
  • David, R. Solomon (2012) Plant-values and plant conservation messages: a cross-cultural attitude survey in Britain and France.
  • R.L.F. Matthias (2012) Managing supply and demand for plant naturalist services via a global skills exchange portal: a grass-roots environmental movement and a business opportunity?

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