Whiteknights tree walk and points of interest

Whiteknights Tree Map
Sports Field Tree Groups Wellingtonia on Sports Field Tupelo Tree on Central Lawn Cretan_Maple on Central Lawn Kentucky Coffee Tree on Central Lawn Monteray Pine outside URS Swamp Cypress outside Library Great White Cherry North of Physics Cedars outide Park House Elaeagnus-leaved Pear North of Phillip Lyle Building Incense Cedar at the edge of the Wilderness Yew Walk in the Wilderness Turner's Oak in the Wilderness Lucombe Oak in the Wilderness Shag Bark Hickory at Edge of Wilderness (Agriculture) Cedar of Lebanon Wessex Hall Path Mirbeck Oak on Wessex Hall Lawn Wild Service Tree by Foxhill Lakeside London Plane on Childs Hall Lawn Dawn Redwood on Childs Hall Lawn Blue Atlas Cedar at Corner of Childs Hall Veteran Oaks at Edge of SU Car Park Balkan Maple by FTT site Hupen Crab North of Old whiteknights House Chinese Walnut by HUMSS Extension Herbaceous Borders Herbaceous Borders Herbaceous Borders Planting Schemes

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