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Graduation dates

The winter graduation ceremonies for 2016 will take place on:

Thursday 8 December

Friday 9 December

You can view the Ceremony List.

Please check and update your contact details on the RISISweb portal.

You can read the information sheet prior to registering for graduation.

Find out everything you need to know about attending Graduation:

Essential Information Booklet 2016.

Timetable for the day


Familiarise yourself with the map of the London Road campus

Ceremony Registration

Students at graduationWe will send your invitation to Graduation to both your 'contact' and 'home' email addresses as they appear in the RISISweb portal. If you do not receive an email from us, please email the Graduation Office.

Please note: If your contact details are incorrect, you will not receive information about Graduation. Your certificate will not be posted until you have confirmed through the RISISweb portal that we hold a correct address for you.

Information about how to register to attend the ceremonies, graduate in absence and deferring your graduation can be found here:

VISA letters

If you need a supporting letter for your VISA application, when you have registered to attend graduation, please email to request one. Please note, you cannot receive a  letter until you have registered to attend graduation.

Eligibility to Graduate

  • Have you cleared your tuition fee debt with the University?
  • Have you formally accepted your lesser award?

Please select the following link to check your eligibilty and what you can do to solve any issues:

Ceremony Tickets

Information on ceremony ticket allocation can be found here:

Photography, DVDs and Merchandise

Information on booking your photography and order commemorative DVDs in advance of the ceremony can be found here:

Notification of Filming and Photography

Please note that filming will take place in the Great Hall during the graduation ceremonies; this footage will be streamed live and used to create commemorative DVDs, and other publicity materials available for sale from the day of graduation. Owing to the very short time frame in which the DVDs are produces it is not possible for anyone to opt out of appearing on the DVD or the live feed. Therefore images recorded at graduation will assume the permission of individuals pictured. Please also note that local media will be on site and will be taking photos on the lawns.

Photographs of graduands shaking hands with the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor over the mace will also be taken. Ede and Ravenscroft will display these images on their website after graduation; you will be notified via email by Ede and Ravenscroft. You will be given the option to contact them to have your image removed from their website.

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Essential Information Booklet 2016

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