The GLAR Podcast - Episode 8

The Chilcot Inquiry

chilcotEpisode 8 of the GLAR Podcast features a presentation by Dr Charlotte Peevers (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia), entitled 'The Chilcot Inquiry: Unfurling the Inner Life of International Law', which took place on Wednesday, 22 April 2015 at the School of Law, University of Reading. Dr Peevers' paper examines the oral and documentary testimony presented to the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War. She argues that much can be learnt about the 'inner life' of international law: the way international law is interpreted, argued over, and deployed behind the scenes amongst government actors and officials. This 'inner life' allows us to reconsider the role of international law in domestic and global politics to better understand the limits of doctrine and the politics of justifying force. In her presentation, Dr Peevers argues that this inner life demonstrates that we need to move beyond the paradigm of 'compliance' to consider the extent to which international law not only constrains but also facilitates the use of force.

During the presentation, Dr Peevers played a video clip of oral evidence presented by Sir Michael Wood at the Chilcot Inquiry on Tuesday, 26 January 2010. This has not been included in the podcast recording, but the relevant video clip can be found on the Inquiry's website, here (the clip played by Dr Peevers was extracted from 55 minutes to 64 minutes of this video). A written transcript of Sir Michael's oral evidence is also available at the same page of the Inquiry's website.

Another section of the podcast audio file has been slightly redacted at the request of one of the participants.

The GLAR Podcast - Episode 8

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