The GLAR Podcast - Episode 7

Blackade and WWI

Chris WatersEpisode 7 of the GLAR Podcast features a presentation by Professor Christopher Waters (University of Windsor, Canada), entitled 'Blockade and the Legal History of WWI Reconsidered' which was recorded on 14 January 2015 at the University of Reading. The session was introduced and Chaired by The paper was introduced by Dr James A. Green (University of Reading).

Drawing on recent legal historiography as well as original research, in this presentation Professor Waters argues - with a focus on the maritime blockade of Germany - that law was at the heart of how Britain, its allies and neutral powers navigated the First World War.

This paper on blockade during the First World War is part of a larger project by Christopher Waters and Robert Nelson examining the legal history of civilian targeting during wartime. The interdisciplinary project - Waters is an international lawyer and Nelson a historian at the University of Windsor - begins with the Thirty Years War and goes through to the drones and cyberwar of today. One paper from the project, looking at the bombing of civilians from the air during the Second World War, has already been published: Christopher P. M. Waters and Robert Nelson, 'The Allied Bombing of German Cities During the Second World War from a Canadian Perspective' (2012) 14 Journal of the History of International Law 87-122, and is available here.

The GLAR Podcast - Episode 7

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