The GLAR Podcast - Episode 3

Superheroes and international law!

AvengersIn this short (and really rather geeky) podcast from Decemeber 2014, your host, Dr James A. Green (University of Reading), discusses the big budget 2012 superhero movie Marvel's Avengers Assemble through the prism of international law. He asks what that movie - and comics and superhero films generally - tells us about cultural perceptions of the United Nations and the international legal system. A published version of this commentary appeared as 'Hero Worship?' (2012) 7533 New Law Journal 1284-1285. Since the publication of that piece, it is arguable that the positive multilateral approach to international affairs displayed in the Avengers movie has been diluted in subsequent films: what might that mean for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron?


The GLAR Podcast - Episode 3

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