These include an annual 'themed' programme of visiting speakers; a summer symposium, and a special series of public lectures on medieval art and architecture with guided visits to sites of special interest.

GCMS Seminars

Spring 2019

Seminars will be held on Thursdays at 4.30 pm in Edith Morley 124

24 January 

‘City-States and the Political System of the Mediterranean World in the Age of the Crusades’ - Patrick Lantschner (UCL)

07 February

‘Problematising Pilgrimage in Twelfth-Century England and Beyond’ - Anne Bailey (University of Oxford)

28 February

‘The True Cross at the Sainte Chapelle and the Capetian Court’ - Cecilia Gaposchkin (Dartmouth College)

21 March

‘Edward the Confessor and 1066’ - Tom Licence (UEA)

28 March

‘Armenians in 11th-Century Iceland’ - Ōlafur Haukur Árnason (University of Oxford)



Convenor: Rebecca Rist

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