Book of Hours online manuscript

Find out how to use the online manuscript below.

You need to have Java enabled for the Virtual Vellum manuscript viewer to work.
You can download the latest Java Plug-in here.

How to access the online manuscript

Accessing the Book of Hours is contingent on you having Java installed on your computer. To establish this, go to the Start menu and type 'Java' in the Search panel. If you don't have Java installed, please go to the Java website and download the free program.

Once you have Java installed, the next step is to add to the Exception Site List within the Java Security settings. To do this, after typing 'Java' into the Search panel, there should be a clickable 'Java (32-bit)' icon in the options displayed. Click on that. (Another way to get to this is via Start > Control Panel > Programs > Java (32-bit)).

This brings up a Java Control Panel. Navigate to the Security tab. Next to the text box, there is an 'Edit Site List' button. Click on that. In the box that opens up, click the 'Add' button and paste the address into the text box. Click 'Ok.' The Security tab should now have the website listed in the text box.

After this, click Start and type Command Prompt into the Search panel. Open Command Prompt. In the black box that appears, there will be a line that reads 'C:\Users\yourusername>'. You now have the ability to type commands next to this. Please type javaws, and press the space bar. Now drag the following Book of Hours.xml file, which can be found here, onto your Desktop, and then from there, drag the file into the Command Prompt box, and the pathway should now appear as: javaws C:\Users\yourusername\Desktop\here.url.

Press enter. You will now be presented with a Java Security Warning. Please click Run.

The Book of Hours should now appear above.

How to use the online manuscript

Each of the pages of the Book of Hours has been photographed and uploaded to this web page. To view a page, double click on the thumbnail image in the bar at the top. This will open the full-sized image in the window below.

To zoom in on the image, you can use the Plus zoom icon button in the toolbar on the left, or scroll upwards on your mouse wheel. To zoom out, use the Minus zoom icon button or scroll downwards with your mouse wheel.

When you are zoomed in, you can move around the page by selecting the Hand tool icon button, clicking on the image and dragging in the direction you wish to move the image.

For more details, download the Virtual Vellum user guide from the Virtual Vellum project pages on the University of Sheffield website.

About Virtual Vellum

This online manuscript is created using Virtual Vellum, a Java applet created by Mike Meredith and Peter Ainsworth at the University of Sheffield. Their help and guidance has been instrumental in developing this online resource. For more information on the Virtual Vellum project, visit the Virtual Vellum project page

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