Formalising Continuous Mathematics 2002

First International Workshop on Formalising Continuous Mathematics

19th August 2002
Co-located with TPHOLs 2002 (20-23 August)
Radisson Hotel, Hampton, VA, USA

Programme of Workshop


Over the last few years there has been great interest in formalising real and complex analysis. Many of the major higher order theorem proving systems now have a formalisation of the real numbers and various levels of real analysis support. Some work has also been done on formalising complex analysis. Both standard and non-standard analysis have been formalised. This work is of interest in a number of application areas, including formal methods development for hardware and software application and computer supported mathematics. This workshop aims to bring together researchers working on the formal developments and those with interests in using the libraries thus developed. It aims to help improve the developments in the different systems by highlighting the different ways in which progress can be made, and enhancing communication between the people working on the development or application of the libraries. By co-locating with TPHOLs we hope to engage the developers of the underlying systems in this important application area.

Invited Speaker: John Harrison of Intel Corporation

Format of Workshop and Call For Papers:

The aim of the workshop is to engage the various efforts in communication, and to promote further work in the area. Papers on all aspects of developing, maintaining and applying formalised continuous mathematics are sought. The submitted papers will be lightly reviewed for relevance and quality of presentation, and authors invited to present details of their work at the workshop. The papers will be published in a NASA Technical Report. We particularly welcome submissions from PhD students and new researchers in the field, and those with interesting problems which would benefit from formalised continuous mathematical support. Work-in-progress papers are welcome.

Submission of Papers

Submissions should be sent in postscript or pdf format to


Registration for the workshop should be made via the TPHOLs 2002 site. The registration fee is US$40. Sole registration for the FCM 2002 workshop is possible, but we encourage attendees to register for both events. Accommodation can also be booked via the main TPHOLs 2002 site.


  1. Submission Deadline: 17th May 2002
  2. Notification of Acceptance: 14th June 2002
  3. Registration Available: 2nd April 2002
  4. Timetable Announcement: 8th July 2002
  5. Final Version of Papers: 19th July 2002
  6. Workshop: 19th August 2002

Organising and Programme Committee:

  1. Andrew Adams (The University of Reading) (Chair)
  2. Hanne Gottliebsen (ICASE) (Local Arrangements)
  3. John Harrison (Intel Corporation)
  4. Laurent Thery ( INRIA Sophia Antipolis)

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