Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Systems

Biomedical and Pharmaceutical SystemsThe Electron Microscopy Laboratory offers a comprehensive analytical, service for the investigation and analysis of biomedical and pharmaceutical systems.

EMLab has international expertise and experience working with biomedical and pharmaceutical systems. It works extensively with scientists and technologists across the campus and with local and international companies in terms of both product development and basic research. The use of Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy has proved to be a particular useful approach.

EMLab is able to provide a one-stop shop for investigations involving biomedical and pharmaceutical systems with specialist facilities available in sample preparation as well as an extensive range of different microscope technologies. The Lab offers expertise in the development of procedures and protocols as well as in the analysis of the images obtained.

We are flexible in our approach and we will strive to understand your needs and problems and exceed your expectations. We are able to provide the specific microscopy element of a project or undertake a complete programme of work.

We are able to respond quickly where required and we are able to provide live access to some of the instrumentation to facilitate a rapid transfer of information.

EMLab has extensive experience working with large and small organisations within the UK, Europe and throughout the World. We are able to work on a confidential fee-for-service basis or in a collaborative programme.

Please contact our specialist on biological microstructures via or +44 118 378 6118 to discuss your needs.

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