• The Electron Microscopy Laboratory works in partnership with researchers and research organisations at Reading, across the UK and around the world.

    These partnerships utilise the microscopy facilities and expertise in CfAM to support world class research programmes across the sciences.

    Current partnerships include:


  • Blood clot

    Bioanalytical Sciences research focused on the development and application of biomolecular analytical methods in the life science. 



  • Electro-spun

    ElectroSPUN is a multidisciplinary research programme focused on nano and micro scale fibres prepared by electrospinning with application sin filtration, medical devices, tissue engineering and novel optical devices.



  • Environment

    Enviropoly is  multidisciplinary research programme focused on reducing the environmental impact of plastics and rubbers.




  • Nanotube

    The Nanoscience and Materials Theme at the University of Reading is an interdisciplinary activity involving experts drawn together to employ advances in nanoscale science in tackling pressing problems related to science, technology and the environment.



    Rapid and Sustainable Development with the Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development, Leiria, Portugal

    We welcome enquiries for possible research programmes and partnerships including EU FP7 proposals and other funding application.


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