The Electron Microscopy Laboratory is a member of national and international networks.

We welcome enquiries for possible networks including EU FP7 funding application 

Napolynet logoNapolynet  - Setting up research ­intensive clusters across the EU on characterization of polymer nanostructure EU Seventh Framework Programme part of Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies Characterisation of nanostructured materials




FA0904  Eco-sustainable Food Packaging Based on Polymer Nanomaterials


This is an international scientific and technology network on issues related to Eco sustainable food packaging based on polymer nanomaterials for Food Packaging (PNFP), for the preservation, conservation and distribution of high quality and safe food. It aims at exploiting the potentiality of polymer nanotechnology in the area of food packaging treating in a complete way the demanding needs of the users, such as health, environment, taste, cost and the specific requirements of the food industry.  

P12 Structuring of Polymers

The main objective of the Action was to advance the physical knowledge and knowledge-generating tools related to ordering, crystallisation, aggregation or organisation, in particular close to interfaces, of synthetic polymers of different complexities.


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