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Fellowship awardManager awarded Fellowship of Royal Microscopical Society


[6th March 2014]

EMLab's manager, Peter Harris, has recently been awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Microscopical Society. Peter has over 30 years experience of electron microscopy, and has published more than 70 microscopy-related papers. The award reflects his standing in the microscopy community.



We are recruiting for a Microscopist

[6th March 2014]

To apply and for further details please follow the link


Saying farewell to Matthew

[13th February 2014]

Matthews leaving doStaff and users of EMLab gathered to bid farewell to Matthew Spink today. Matthew has been a member of staff since November 2012 and has brought his expertise to a wide variety of projects, involving samples ranging from brain cells to French fries. We wish him well in his new job at Diamond, where he will be helping to run the X-ray microscopy facility. Pictured from L to R are: David Ezra, Parvathy Prabhakumari, Matthew, Kala Radha, Robert Olley, Sherrie Foo, Fred Davis, Saeed Mohan and Peter Harris.

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