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The Halls Hotline is a helpdesk service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can ring at any time with any issue relating to living in halls - we would advise this is always your first point of call.

If you'd like to report a issue via email then please complete the form on the Halls Hotline web page and it will be submitted to the Halls Hotline team.

Halls Handbook

The Halls Handbook 2018/19 is available to download from the "Useful Links" panel on this page.

As a Halls resident you are also bound by the Code of Behaviour for those Residing in University Accommodation (PDF-104KB).

Moving out of halls

For information about moving out of your halls please see below:

  • Moving Out Poster
  • Cleaning and Leaving Checklist 2019
  • Five steps to moving out 2019
  • See the deposit return - how to guide for details of how to register your bank account for the return of your deposit.

    The Student Accommodation CodeSACLogoStrap

    The University is committed to providing quality student accommodation and fully complies with the . The code covers, among other matters, health and safety, maintenance and repair and relationships between the University and student tenants. It outlines best practice and provides benchmarks for the management - and quality - of student housing in the sector. 

    UPP Reading - Customer Care Charter

    UPP are the leading UK provider of on campus student accommodation and are working in partnership with the University of Reading to deliver the highest standards of service to our customers. We aim to create a safe secure environment where students can quickly feel at home.

    Our commitment to you

    We aim to provide you with the highest possible level of service and professionalism. This charter sets out the standards you can expect from our staff. If you feel we have failed to meet any of these standards, please tell us. We are continually looking at ways to improve our service and we welcome your views on how we can achieve this. There are suggestions boxes at each of the group receptions, or you can email us with your ideas at

    Our Staff will:-

    • ensure your health and safety is of upmost importance
    • be responsible looking after our customers by always doing our job to the best of our ability
    • be prompt, polite and helpful
    • provide all who seek assistance with an accessible and inclusive service
    • be respectful, treat  you with fairness and be responsive to your individual needs
    • be trained to give you advise and assistance, and be able to escalate your queries to the most appropriate department
    • respect your confidentiality and privacy at all times
    • wear name badges to identify ourselves and show identification when we visit your accommodation
    • keep our promises and deliver

    In answering telephone calls we will:-

    • answer your call promptly
    • listen and respond to the needs of our customers 
    • ensure there is someone available to answer your call or take messages in office hours, and 24 hours a day on the Halls Hotline (0118 378 7777)
    • be courteous and professional 

    In responding to written correspondence we will:-

    • acknowledge your correspondence in writing within 2 working days
    • respond to your correspondence within 10 working days of receipt
    • reply in a clear and concise manner, with use of technical terms kept to a minimum

    In dealing with any complaints we will:-

    • make available on request of our Complaints procedure
    • carry out a full and fair investigation
    • reply within 10 working days where possible ; if the complexity of your complaint requires a more in depth and timely investigation we will let you know

    Complaints Procedure

    UPP are committed to resolving any issue you may have with your halls accommodation and always aim to deal with problems efficiently and effectively.

    If you have any issue relating to living in halls your first point of call should be the halls hotline: +44 (0)118 378 7777 or complete the form on the Halls Hotline web page.

    How to complain

    If you have previously contacted us about an issue or concern and remain dissatisfied with how we have helped you with this, then we need you to tell us about it through the formal complaints procedure.

    To register an informal complaint (Stage 0), you should email the Halls Hotline A complaint will normally only be accepted within one month of the relevant matter occurring.

    You should:

    • be specific about the problem;
    • describe the problem succinctly;
    • provide supporting documentary evidence where available and appropriate;
    • state the outcome requested - be clear and realistic;

      If you request, we will arrange for the appropriate person to promptly meet with you to discuss the issue or concern.

      Stage 0 will normally result in one or more of the following outcomes:

      1. a solution to the issue or concern;

      2. an explanation where the desired outcome cannot be achieved;

      3. an apology, where it is appropriate to do so;

      4. UPP or the University may deem that it is not appropriate to consider the issue or concern informally, and direct the student to submit a formal Stage 1 complaint within 5 working days.

      Where it is reasonable to do so, or at the request of the student, we will issue a written outcome of this stage of the procedures within five working days.

      If you are dissatisfied with the Stage 0 outcome and you wish to pursue the matter as formal complaint, or if we have deemed that it is not appropriate to consider the issue or concern informally, you should submit a formal complaint by submitting a Stage 1 complaint form no later than five working days after receiving the Stage 0 outcome.

      You can find details of the full University complaints procedure including details of how to submit at Stage 1 complaint here.


      If any maintenance problems/requirements arise please call the Halls Hotline on 0118 378 7777 at any time.

      Alternatively you may report this in person to your group reception during opening hours. Please be sure you give full details of the problem you have. Please report maintenance issues as soon as they arise so they do not worsen or cause damage.

      Please remember that access to the area by maintenance staff or contractors will be required in order to complete a repair. If you have reported a fault you should expect a contractor to visit within the priortity timescale. A calling card will be left in your room when a contractor enters you room.

      Maintenance staff and contractors will ID badges, if you are in doubt about anyone please ask to see their ID.

      In an emergency e.g. flood, fire (or suspected fire), we may need to access your room without prior notification.   

      We have set response times for resolving maintenance issues:

      Priority 1 - Emergencies

      • Response and make safe time from issue being reported to the Halls Hotline: 1 hour. A temporary solution may be achieved within this time scale to make the problem safe and then a permanent fix arranged on a priority 2 or 3 time scale as appropriate.

        Priority 2 - Urgent

        • Response and completion time within 1 working day from issue being reported to the Halls Hotline. A temporary fix may be achieved within this time scale and then a permanent fix arranged on a priority 3 time scale if appropriate.

          Priority 3 - Non-urgent

          • Completion time within 7 working days from issue being reported to the Halls Hotline. We would encourage you to tell us if you are unhappy about any aspect of our maintenance provision at the earliest possible time so that we can resolve any problems. Please call the Halls Hotline on 0118378 7777.



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