Preprint Series



MPS-2013-04 Aperiodic dynamics in a deterministic model of attitude by Ward J., Grindrod P.

MPS-2013-04 Primary Networks and the Comparative Analysis of Structure: Applications to fMRI Brain Scans and the Prediction of Early Cognitive Decline  by Grindrod P., Stoyanov Z. and Smith G.M.



MPS-2012-14  A New Error Measure for Forecasts of Household-level, High Resolution Electrical Energy Consumption by Stephen Haben, Jonathan A. Ward, Danica Vukadinovic Greetham, Peter Grindrod and Colin Singleton

MPS-2012-21 Complex Dynamics in a Model of Social Norms by Peter Grindrod and Mark C Parsons

MPS-2012-24 Interventions in social networks: Impact on positive mood and network dynamics by Danica Greetham, Robert Hurling, Abhijit Sengupta and Joy Wilkinson

MPS-2012-25 Structure, pace and balance in Twitter conversations by Danica Vukadinovic Greetham and Jonathan A. Ward


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