Gordon Hewitt of SSE showcases research from the TVV project at All Energy conference

Gordon Hewitt of SSE presented the preliminary results of energy storage trials taking place as part of the Thames Valley Vision project at the All Energy conference in Glasgow. The project is a five year £30 million project funded by the Low Carbon Network fund administered by Ofgem. The projects main aim is to investigate how the low voltage (11kV and below) electricity system will change with the adoption of new energy technologies. The University of Reading are providing the research capability for analysis of the performance of the different energy storage units.

The work as presented focussed on three aspects of energy storage that may be used to help resolve peaks in electricity demand by storage. The storage technologies being investigated are:

- Electrical storage using lithium ion batteries

- Hot thermal storage using excess PV for electrical water heating

- Cold thermal storage using cold thermal storage units from ICE energy.

There is a limited amount of conclusions so far from this work due to much of the equipment only recently being deployed. More results will be forthcoming over the next twelve months.

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