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The School of Construction Management and Engineering is one of the world's leading centres of excellence for research and teaching in the built environment. Our Our research covers five key areas: Health Care Infrastructure; Digital Practices; Business Innovation in Construction; Transition Pathways to a Low-Carbon Built Environment; and Innovative and Sustainable Technologies.

The Research Institute for the Built Environment acts as a focal point for research within the School of Construction Management and Engineering. It encourages inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary work that spans disciplines other than construction management. In addition to traditional construction research, the RIBE fosters collaboration with people and organisations with a non-Construction background, as the School deals with many aspects of social science in relation to the built environment.

RIBE Seminar Series
The Research Institute for the Built Environment (RIBE) brings together inter-disciplinary research on topics related to the design, production and management of the built environment. The RIBE seminar series has two parts. Firstly, 'working paper discussions' provide a small informal forum to discuss the work-in-progress papers of leading academics. Secondly, 'meet the editor' sessions provide an informal context in which to meet editors and gain insight into the editing and reviewing processes associated with international journals.

This series is organized by Dr Libby Schweber and Dr Runming Yao. Attendance is open to all UK academics with interests in management practices in complex industries. To reserve a place please contact Linda Holland ( 
Details of all University events can be found at

Seminar Series 2012/13 - URS, Room 2n13

Nov: Wed 28, 4-5pm Prof Doug King (visiting Prof, University of Bath)

'Will Zero Carbon Buildings Policy Actually Reduce UK Emissions?'

Jan: Wed 30, 4-5pm TBA

Feb: Wed 27, 4-5pm Prof Maria Kolokotroni ( Brunel University)

Urban Heat Island and its effect on energy demand by buildings: Case-Study of London.

Mar: Wed 27, 4-5pm Prof. Elizabeth Shove (Lancaster University)

'Infrastructures and Practices'

Apr: Wed 24, 4-5pm Prof Naomi Brookes (University of Leeds)

'Learning Across Megaproject Cases'

May: Wed29, 4-5pm Prof Rachel Cooper (Lancaster University)

June: Wed 26, 4-5pm Prof. Rob Imrie (Kings College, London),

'Universalism, universal design, and the construction of the built environment'

2012 Working Paper Discussions

Mar: Wed 28, 4-5pm Dr Sarah Darby, University of Oxford

A Smart Grid glossary: some thoughts on the future of power and electrical energy in the built environment

Apr: Wed 25, 4-5pm Prof. Ammon Salter, Imperial College

The Chosen Ones: The Selection of Capabilities in a Professional Service Firm

May: Wed 30, 4-5pm Prof. Graham Winch, Manchester Business School

Client Capabilities: Towards a Research Agenda

June: Wed 27, 4-5 pm Prof. Jim Hall, University of Oxford
Britain’s infrastructure future: Providing the tools for strategic assessment of national infrastructure

2012 'Meet the Editor'

Feb: Wednesday 29, 4-5pm Renewable Energy, Ali Sayigh, Editor

See below for previous RIBE activities.

2010/2011 Working Paper Discussions

Oct, Wednesday 27: Senseshaping in Organizations: A Video Ethnography of Strategy Work. [Richard Whittington, University of Oxford]

Nov, Wednesday 24: The Management and Organisation of High Reliability, Resilience and Change in Extreme Contexts. [David Denyer, Cranfield University / AIM Management Practices Fellow]

Jan, Wednesday 26: Cultural Interventions in the Collaboration between Public and Private Partners in Megaprojects: an Anthropological Perspective. [Alfons van Marrewijk, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands]

Feb, Wednesday 23: Towards Studio 21: Experiments in Design Education using BIM. [Mark Clayton, Texas A&M University, USA]

Mar, Wednesday 30: Reflexive versus Intuitive Collaboration: Exploring Communicative Strategies in Virtual Knowledge Sharing. [Daniel Geiger, Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany] 2N12

May, Wednesday 25: Making Low Carbon Britain. [Simon Marvin, Salford University]

Jun, Wednesday 29: The Doing of Managing and Leading [Annie Pye, Exeter University - title etc to be confirmed]

2010/2011 'Meet the Editor'

Autumn - Wed Nov 10, 1-2pm, Construction Management and Economics, Will Hughes, Editor.

Spring - Wed Feb 16, 1-2pm, Internal Journal of Management ReviewsProfessor Allan Macpherson, Co-Editor.

Summer - Wed May 11, 1-2pm, Management Learning, Davide Nicolini, Editor.

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