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The Business Innovation in Construction (BIC) group is directly aligned with the UK competitiveness research agenda. It has a significant track record of influencing practice and policy which dates back to the 1980s. The group comprises an interdisciplinary expertise that is committed to collaborative research with industry.

The group is committed to ensuring continued relevance to the evolving industry improvement agenda, both in the UK and internationally. Of particular importance is to embrace changing patterns of project delivery, especially in terms of globally-distributed project teams and the internationalisation of construction services.

Our research

The current research portfolio adopts a socio-technical systems perspective on innovation in the built environment. Recognised areas of strength relate to competitiveness, productivity and performance in the construction and facilities management sectors. Specific areas of expertise include construction procurement and through-life management. Interests also extend to the construction sector’s relationship with broader society, including corporate social responsibility.

Research-informed Teaching

Innovative Developments in Construction

Construction Contract Law - FT

Construction Contract Law - PT

International Construction

Facilities Management

Construction Contract Law and Management

Selected Projects

All Change in Construction: A Comparative Analysis of Construction Industry Reform in the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore (Professor Stuart Green; EPSRC)

September 2009-December 2011

How much has really changed since the publication of Sir John Egan's 1998 Report 'Rethinking Construction'? And how have similarly high profile reviews of international construction sectors influenced the industry?

Sustainability in facilities management (FM) with the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) (Dr Abbas Elmualim; EPSRC)

June 2010-December 2011

This research project sought to update and develop new information to support and improve the delivery of sustainable facilities management. Outcomes are provided at  

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