The Implementation of Renewable Energy within Buildings in China

Project Overview

Based in Chongqing University, the Chinese Ministry of Education’s Key Laboratory of the Three Gorges Reservoir Region’s Eco-Environment (The Key Lab) is a leading research centre in the built environment. The Key Lab supports research for international collaborations. The project will focus on the implementation of renewable energy in buildings in China. The research findings will be disseminated via journal publications, workshops and conferences.


The Key Lab is working towards its goal of developing into a first-class comprehensive research university in China, with unique characteristics and an international research reputation. Every two years The Key Lab sponsors outstanding international researchers as Visiting Fellows. Dr Emanuel Essah has been awarded the title of Visiting Research Fellow of the Lab. Dr Essah and his team will work closely with Chinese colleagues to explore the application within buildings of renewable energy such including solar, wind and geothermal. Using sustainable means to optimise energy use in China will help meet the carbon reduction target set by the Chinese government and have significant global environmental benefits.

Key Objectives

The research project will explore whether renewable energy technological systems within modern building designs can help deliver a low carbon built environment in China. The objectives include:

  • To evaluate renewable energy resources in China and its distributions in the urban environment;
  • To identify technical barriers that affect the potential integration of sustainable design systems;
  • To provide best practice guidance for the implementation of renewable energy technological systems in buildings, in the context of China.

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