Radiant heating and cooling system using capillary tubes

Project Overview

This project looks at how the technologies of radiant heating and cooling (RHC) systems can provide a comfortable indoor thermal environment. Experimental and numerical studies are designed to test the technical parameters of RHC systems. September 2010-August 2012.


The past decade has seen growing interest in technologies of radiant heating and cooling (RHC) systems, thanks to the move towards a low carbon and sustainable built environment. Capillary mats are one of the new technologies that can integrate the radiant cooling and heating system within a building. RHC systems with capillary tubes provide a comfortable indoor environment by delivering low temperature differences between the fluid circulating in the pipe and the air in the room. The system can significantly increase the efficiency of heating and cooling processes, consequently reducing the energy consumption and the associated CO2 emissions of the building.

Key Objectives

  • To develop a thermal comfort module associated with RHC systems;
  • To design capillary tube hydraulic systems;
  • To develop key technical specifications of RHC technologies;
  • To assess the energy efficiency of the RHC technologies in buildings.

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