Progressing Eco-city Policies into Main-stream Practice Stage City Level Implementation of Policy, Financing and Delivery Strategies for Low Carbon Cities in China

Project Overview

This project will build upon (i) low-carbon eco-city policy development work undertaken under previous Strategic Programme Fund (SPF) projects; (ii) outputs from recent research from partner institutions and details on 145 UK companies operating in this area of China; (iii) active partnering with the Chinese Society for Urban Studies and MOHURD’s Centre of Science and Technology Eco-city Implementation group; (iv) the support and involvement of members of the UK-China Eco-cities & Green Building Group. This project will promote China's low-carbon eco-city development policies, strengthen government and social capital investments to achieve low-carbon eco-city construction, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions making a significant contribution to the global environment.


Over the next 20-30 years, China's continued rapid urbanization process will dramatically affect global climate change, resource and energy security, food security, ecological and environmental protection. In response to these problems, the Chinese government has announced the principles and strategies to accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development and build a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly society in China. At present, more than 90.2% of prefecture-level cities in China are proposing to build to low-carbon eco-city standards, which will help to address climate change in China and significantly enhance the capacity for sustainable development. It is critically important that MOHURD’s eco-city indicators and standards are developed to ensure that they meet standards of international best-practice, as exemplified by UK practice, and that a focussed programme of pilot projects is initiated to develop and pilot strategies for their effective implementation.

Key Objectives

  • Review of China's new eco-cities indicators and standards;
  • Delivery of Financing & Implementation Guidelines;
  • Capacity Building;
  • Communications and Dissemination Programme.


BRE Group, UK
Cardiff University, UK
The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineer (CIOB) UK
Chinese Society for Urban Studies (CSUS), China
Intelligent and Green Systems Limited, UK
Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China (MOHURD), China
National Development and Reform Commission, China
The Institution of Engineering & Technology (The IET), UK
Wei Yang & Partners Limited, UK
ZZA Responsive User Environments Limited, UK

Research outputs

1. A published UK-China position paper on best-practice standards for eco-cities;

2. A set of documented eco-city financing and development guidelines to achieve these standards, developed against a number of pilot projects in targeted Chinese cities;

3. An associated capacity building programme to support the delivery of the pilot eco-city projects and their on-going management;

4. A focussed communications and dissemination programme.

Journal papers, conference /workshop presentations

1. Li, B. and Yao, R. (2012) Challenges and opportunities: an overview of building energy efficiency for sustainable development in China. Building Research and Information. ISSN 0961-3218.

2. Yao R. (2012) Study of urban microclimates, joint research between UK and China, FCO SPF project Energy Workshop, Presented on the Eco-city urban and building energy workstream workshop 10th February 2012.

3. Yao R and Clements-Croome (2012) UK-China Partnership: Working Together to Deliver World-Class Eco-cities & Green Buildings, 8th IGEBC, Beijing, UK-China Conference Session 30 March 2012

Associated Staff

Dr Runming Yao (lead academic)

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