A Preparatory Study of the Potential for Water Reuse and Greywater Use in West Africa

Project Overview

This project is a preparatory study for developing decision-making approaches to water resource prioritisation and reuse, and for providing a strategy for future water reuse actions in water impoverished and water stressed regions of West Africa.


Whilst climate change is slowly causing encroachment of semi-desert southwards across northern Ghana, even to the south of this semi-arid area, pressure on domestic water supplies is an increasing problem. The current situation of water supply availability presents a picture of inequality where water resource stress and severe water supply limitation exist in many areas, and where many people do not enjoy a reliable and easy access to a clean water supply.

Key Objectives

The project objectives include the evaluation of:

  • the opportunities for recycled water to alleviate water stress in West Africa;
  • the decision-making approaches to water resource prioritisation and reuse;
  • the engineering requirements for water reuse and greywater systems in West Africa.


Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers (CIPHE), UK
CSIR, Water Research Institute (Accra, Ghana)
Jacob Consulting, Reading, UK

Research Outputs

Conferences, workshops and presentations

  1. 1. A workshop was held in the UK on 7th June 2012 to which academics were invited from a range of Institutions and Schools, including all Walker Institute Associates, the International Research team at the University of Reading, Industry representatives, and Research staff from a number of UK Universities and from Government. Presentations were given on water resource assessment and prioritisation in West Africa, water reuse and greywater technology. Workshop groups considered and debated the central tasks regarding water reuse decision-making, methodologies and systems. A short report on the workshop will be made available by the School of Construction Management and Engineering.
  2. The results of the preliminary literature search on the availability of water in Ghana, rainfall data, water supply demands for communities and dwellings, and accounts of water scarcity and drought are presented in a Poster Paper on "Published Work on Water Conservation and Greywater Use in West Africa", Maradza and Hyde, 2012, University of Reading

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