Staff Profile:Dr Stefan Thor Smith

Dr Stefan Smith
Job Title:
Associate Professor

  • Research Group Lead - Energy and Environmental Engineering

  • Lead Coordinator - University of Reading Energy Research Network

External Responsibilities:

  • Institute of Physics - Environmental Physics Group Committee Member


  • BSc (Hons) Physics University of Nottingham
  • MSc Glasgow University
  • PhD University of Nottingham
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice

Areas of Interest:
  • Integrating energy system models with urban and regional scale meteorology, his research addresses questions on energy system dynamics, demand, and associated environmental impacts. More specifically, his research focuses on issues relating to energy demand and supply and the interplay between energy and environmental conditions. Through his work, Dr Smith has had significant involvement in the development, use, and evaluation of models for the purpose of understanding how energy systems are influenced by environmental conditions and in turn, how energy use impacts on environment. His research addresses understanding of energy systems through modelling at different temporal and spatial scales; issues relating to climate change (resilience and adaptation) in the context of the built environment; and weather-informed probabilistic decision making. His research predominantly centres on the dynamics of energy systems and meteorology in an urban context.

Research groups / Centres:
  • Reading Energy Research Network
  • Energy and Environmental Engineering
  • Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS)

Professional Memberships:

  • Member of the Institute of Physics
  • Member of the Energy Institute
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Association

Funded Projects:

APEx: An Air Pollution Exposure model to integrate protection of vulnerable groups into the UK Clean Air Programme. NERC award to King's College London and Benjamin Barratt [02/2019-02/2022]
EP/P023819/1 - InfruTreeCity: Understanding Infrared radiative performance of urban trees for better future city (Co-I) - [01/2018 - 01/2021]
NE/R008876/1 - Weather-wise: working with the weather to improve construction productivity (PI) [10/2017 - 10/2018]
Climate-KiC - Smart and Sustainable Districts Programme (Reading PI) [2013 -12/2016]
UKCRED - UK Centre for Research on Energy Demand (Co-I on Flexibility theme) [04/2018 - 04/2023]

Doctoral Students:
Josie G Lloyd-Papworth (1st Year) - on weather delays, uncertainty and decision making for infrastructure projects
Isabella Capel-Timms (3rd Year) - on agent based modelling of anthropogenic heat flux in cities.
Alan Halford (4th Year) - Impacts of weather and climate on telecommunications (BT and TSBE Centre).
Mitchell Curtis (4th Year) - Energy Demand Response Modelling and Metering Data Disaggregation (Kiwi Power and TSBE Centre).
Thomas Chung (4th Year) - Radiative Performance of Urban Trees (Forest Research and TSBE Centre).
Ana Rodriguez Arguelles (4th Year) - on Energy Auditing and uncertainty (AECOM and TSBE Centre).

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Career Path:

Associate Professor in Energy Systems and the Built Environment, University of Reading (2019-Present)

Lecturer in Energy Systems and the Built Environment, University of Reading (2012 - 2019)

Research Fellow Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, De Montfort University (2008-2012)


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Contact Details

+44 (0) 118 378 8569
143 Chancellor's Building

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