Staff Profile:Dr Emmanuel Essah

Dr Emmanuel Essah
Job Title:
Associate Professor
  • Undergraduate Programmes Director
  • Module Convenor: Building Simulation Module (Masters Level)
  • Labs and Workshop activities

External Responsibilities:

Visiting Associate Professor, of the National Centre for International Research of Low-carbon and Green Buildings, Ministry of Science & Technology, PR China and of the Joint International Research Laboratory of Green Buildings and built Environments, ministry of Education, PR China

Member of the International Advisory Board for the Journal of Design and Built Environment (JDBE), University of Malaya, Malaysia.
Review: Building and Environment, Building Engineering, Energy in Buildings, Energy Policy, Sustainable Cities and Society, Scientific Committee Member of West Africa Building and Environmental Research

BSc (KNUST), MSc (Reading), PhD (Glasgow Caledonian), PG Academic Practice (University of Reading)

Areas of Interest:

Emmanuel has specific research interests in the effects of airflows and ventilation on moisture transfer within buildings; on energy conservation and on the consequent implications for the risks and impacts arising from condensation formation in buildings.

Other research interests include; Energy demand and management.
Solar energy systems and technologies, and how outputs from photovoltaic modules can be maximized.
Biophilia of indoor Environment and Building Services Design

Research groups / Centres:

Innovative and Sustainable Technologies (IST)
Energy Group

Professional Memeberships:
The Institute of Physics: Member
Energy Institute: Member
Higher Education Academy: Fellow

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