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Retired from University roles
External Responsibilities:
Member of Management Board and Scientific Committee of Organisation International pour l'Etude de l'Endurance des Cables.
Member of Scientific Advisory Board of Advanced Design Consulting USA Inc, Lansing NY.
Member of Advisory Board of Seer Technology Inc. Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.
Founding Partner of Reading Rope Consultants LLP.
Honorary Professor of University of Timisoara, Romania.

Areas of Interest:

Wire Ropes Selection, endurance prediction, maintenance, degradation, inspection and replacement of Wire Ropes as used for offshore moorings, in deep mining and other applications. Current investigations relate to: the residual strength and endurance of moorings from floating oil production systems. Underwater inspection of mooring lines. Fatigue of multi-strand crane and diving bell ropes. A joint industry funded programme is also in progress which is studying a range of topics including: the effects of rope quality corrosion wear and accidental damage on tensile fatigue interpretation of NDT data the benefits of galvanising on bending fatigue endurance inspection of polyester rope. Composite Springs: Design and testing of composite springs for trucks and other transport applications.

Other Interests include

  • Composite Springs: design and testing of composite springs for transport applications
  • Creativity in Engineering Design
  • General investigations into the failure of components and materials in engineering applications
  • Investigations into the shortcomings of engineering design
  • Ancient metal processing
Research groups / Centres:
Rope Research Group

Selected publications
Books and similar
Chaplin, C.R. 'The Challenges of Deep' 45th John Player Lecture, IMechE, March, 2010

Fontaine, E., Armstrong, R., Potts, A., Melchers, R.E., Chaplin, C.R., and François, M. 'Semi-empirical Modelling for Seawater Corrosion of Wire Rope' ISOPE 2009, Osaka, June, 2009.
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Chaplin, C.R. Creativity in Engineering Design published by the Fellowship of Engineering (ISBN 1 871634 06 7) November, 1989, pp46
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Chaplin, C.R. (ed.) Wire Rope in Offshore Applications - Review of 1983-1985 programme published by Marine Technology Directorate Ltd. (ISBN 1 87 553 00 4) March, 1987, pp85
Refereed Journal Papers
Bradon, J.E., Chaplin, C.R. and N S Ermolaeva, N.S. "Modelling the Cabling of Rope Systems", J. of Engineering Failure Analysis (accepted for publication).
Bradon, J.E., Ridge, I.M.L., and Chaplin, C.R. "Modelling the Torsional Interaction of Wire and Polyester Fibre Ropes used for Offshore Moorings", J. of Engineering for the Maritime Environment, Proceedings of IMechE Part M, Vol 219, No 4, 2005, pp 163-172.
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Ridge, I.M.L., Zheng, J., and Chaplin C.R. "Measurement of cyclic bending strains in steel wire rope" J. of Strain Analysis 35 6, 2000, 545-558.
Rebel, G., Chaplin, C.R., Groves-Kirby, C., and Ridge, I.M.L. "Condition monitoring techniques for fibre mooring ropes" Insight, the Journal of The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing 42 6, June 2000, 384-390.
Refereed Conference Papers
Chaplin, C.R., Bradon, J.E., and Ridge, I.M.L. "Modelling fatigue damage distribution to inform slip and cut policy for riser tensioner ropes" OIPEEC Conference, Johannesburg, September 2007, pp15-26.
Chaplin, C.R. "The Fatigue and Degradation Mechanisms of Hoisting Ropes", Hoist and Haul, 2005, Australian Inst of Mining and Metallurgy, Perth, September 2005, pp359-366.
Chaplin, C.R. "Deepwater moorings: challenges, solutions and torsion", in Proceedings Second Internationaler Stuttgarter Seiltag February 2005 (Universität Stuttgart).
Chaplin, C.R. Rope tension in double drum traction winches OIPEEC Technical Meeting: Experiences with Ropes Lenzberg Switzerland September 2003, pp201-210
Chaplin, C.R. "Problems of torque and rotation in ropes" First Internationaler Stuttgarter Seiltag, Universität Stuttgart, February, 2002, pp7.
Other Publications
Chaplin, C.R. "The Challenges of Deep" invited presentation to Engineers Australia, Newcastle NSW Australia, September 2005.
Chaplin, C.R. "Deepwater Moorings: Challenges Solutions and Problems" invited seminar at Monash University Australia, September, 2005.
Chaplin, C.R. "Torsional Interactions between Mooring Line Components", invited keynote lecture to annual convention of the Cordage Institute, San Antonio, Texas, April, 2005.
Chaplin, C.R. "Challenges of Deep" invited presentation to Association of Science Educators, Reading January 2004, and Physics Update, Institute of Physics Oxford December 2004.
Shorten, D. & Chaplin, C.R. "Wire rope lubrication" International Cranes and Specialized Transport, May 2004 31-35.

Eur Ing, MA, PhD, CEng, MIMechE,
African wildlife photographer.
Professor Richard Chaplin

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