International Women's Day - Dr Libby Schweber

Today is 8th March - International Women' s Day. To celebrate we have asked oDr-Libby-Schweberur very own Dr Libby Schweber to tell us what inspires her in her work.

Research/teaching specialisation
Sociology of science and technology (currently working in construction management, with a focus on sustainability).

What inspired you to choose this area?
Interest in sociology of knowledge and chance (adapting to professional opportunities).

Has there been a particularly memorable point of your career?
A memorable point was finding a job with supportive colleagues, which allowed me to relax and better engage professionally.

What is an exciting development currently in your area?
The serious uptake of social science methods in construction research and support for inter-disciplinarity.

What advice would you have for prospective students wanting to become involved in this area?
Aim high, especially when it comes to basic skills (research methods and design); this will differentiate you and open opportunities.

Who inspired you to get to where you are now?
An undergraduate professor introduced me to the discipline and my father's approach to his own profession inspired me to focus on people and processes rather than outputs. 



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