Professor John Connaughton interviewed on Radio 4 programme The World Tonight

Professor John ConnaughtonProfessor John Connaughton was interviewed on Radio 4's The World Tonight on Tuesday 14 January, discussing the optimism bias presented in construction projects, particularly public sector projects. A personal attachment to the project results in a rose-tinted view of reality.

Professor Connaughton argues that as many stakeholder in the public sector - including politicians - have a stake in a project's success, there is often a reluctance to confront the statistical reality of the project. Instead, they tend to give favourable estimates of the outcome in order for the project to progress.

For further information on optimism bias, see Flyvbjerg, B., Holm, M.S., and Buhl, S. (2002) 'Underestimating Costs in Public Works Projects - Error or Lie', Journal of the American Planning Association, 68, 3, pp 279-95.

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