Where's Reading Heading?

cme-tim-dixon-newsProfessor Tim Dixon, Chair in Sustainable Futures in the Built Environment University of Reading recently appeared in a film about Reading. The film is part of Reading Museum's new project, 'Where's Reading Heading?' which looks at the past, present and future development of Reading. It seeks to provoke debate about how Reading will sustain a growing population and build a successful low carbon economy whilst 'Narrowing the Gaps' between different sectors in our communities.

The Reading Museum Project links with current work being led by the University of Reading, Reading UK CIC and Barton Wilmore, through the Reading 2050 initiative, which envisages a smart and sustainable future for Reading, and involves communities coming together to influence how the town will evolve in the decades ahead.

To promote debate the Museum asked Russell Alsop of local production company Ginger & Pickles to make a short documentary film, drawing together the views and knowledge of a widespread group of Reading people. This has included school pupils, academics, local politicians, business people, ecologists, architects, and residents from our local neighbourhoods.

Professor Tim Dixon, Chair in Sustainable Futures in the Built Environment University of Reading said:

'The Happy Museums project on 'Where's Reading Heading' helps enrich the continuing 'Reading 2050′ programme of work in which the University of Reading is a key partner. It was a real pleasure to appear in this film. By offering a provocative view of the future, and helping us understand the past, present and future of Reading, the project expands and extends Reading Museum's sustainability outreach role in the wider community so that Reading people can see how our shared urban future might evolve.'

There was also a BBC South today news item about the film, for which Tim Dixon was interviewed.

Watch the film at: http://www.readingmuseum.org.uk/get-involved/projects-consultation/where-s-reading-heading/

For further information on the Where is Reading Heading project see: http://www.happymuseumproject.org/?p=3044

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