MBE for Emeritus Professor Peter Lansley

cme_lansley -mbeEmeritus Professor Peter Lansley was appointed an MBE in the New Year’s honours list for services to research into ageing and well-being of older people. He worked in the University's School of Construction Management and Engineering from 1984 until his 'retirement' in 2011. Since 1997, he has been advising councils, charities, professor bodies and government on developing national research programmes for improving the lives of elderly people.

Professor Lansley said: "I'm delighted and surprised to have received this. As a construction specialist, I never expected to find myself become so involved in setting up and running innovative aging- and disability-related research programmes, let alone making such progress in getting this accepted onto the mainstream agenda for government support. It is a recognition of the many different players who have made these projects such a success. I've been the lucky guy who has had the pleasure of bringing them all together."

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