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Teaching Excellence in a Inter-disciplinary Environment




Sociology at Reading is known for its high quality of teaching. And that high quality is getting better with new undergraduate and graduate curricula.

At the last (1996) Teaching Quality Assessment of Sociology Departments, the Department was rated 22 out of 24 (click here for the report by the QAA, Quality Assurance Agency). The Guardian rated Sociology at Reading among the TOP TEN departments in a survey of the best 50 Sociology departments in the UK (Tuesday 19 October 1999).

Sociology at Reading is a very inter-disciplinary environment both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Over half of our undergraduate students are involved in joint degrees and members of staff contribute to inter-disciplinary Master Programs (Death and Society, Body and Representation, Master degrees offered by the Graduate School of European and International Studies).

International students please check the relevant undergraduate and graduate web pages especially set up for you.


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Last Published 08 August 2003