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our "art work"


It is, no doubt, presumptuous on our part to call "art work" the ordinary marketing material that every department in every university produces to describe its programmes to prospective students. Perhaps the adaptation of Leonardo's drawing of the Vitruvian man as a Department's logo and the name "triptych" chosen to identify our folded A4 pamphlets (as if they were Giotto's altar pieces ...) got us carried away. Be as it may, in the Autumn 2000 we invested a great deal of time in developing a "corporate identity", with the adoption of a departmental colour (the blue, as you find on our web, on our posters, on our signs around the corridors in the department), a departmental logo (the "Vitruvian man"), undergraduate and graduate posters and triptychs.

Do take a look at that work (art or ordinary marketing material as it may be)!


"Art Work" in PDF format; click to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader to view PDF files

Graduate poster

Undergraduate poster

Graduate triptych

Undergraduate triptych


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Last Published 08 August 2003