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The Sociology Department is run by the Head of Department, Professor Roberto Franzosi, with the help of an administrative team, members of staff with specific administrative duties and responsibilities, and several committees.

Faculty and University Committee Representation

The Department has representation in several Faculty and University Committees.

  • The following committees meet once per term:  Faculty Board (Policy & Resource), Faculty Board (Teaching & Learning), Faculty Board (Research in the Arts & Humanities), Steering Committee for Research in the Arts & Humanities, Board in Research in the Social Sciences, Undergraduate Studies Committee, Library Committee, Faculty IT Committee, Board of Studies for Management Studies, Board of Studies for the Centre for Euro-Asian Studies, Board of Studies for European Studies, Graduate School of European & International Studies Board of Studies.

  • The Admissions Committee meets once in the Autumn and Spring terms.

  • The Committee on Student Exchanges meets once in the Autumn and Summer terms.

The key Departmental Administrative Offices are:

  • Director of postgraduate studies

  • Director of undergraduate studies

  • Senior tutor

  • Examination officers (Part 1, Year 2, and Part 3)

  • Undergraduate admission officers

The key committees in the department are:

Research Committee

The Research Committee has prime responsibility for the promotion of research in the department. The Committee identifies staff's research plans and helps them with grant proposals. The Committee encourages staff to present research ideas and work in progress in the Department's Research Workshops and keeps the department informed on the activities sponsored by the University Board for Research, the Board for Research in the Social Sciences, and the Research and Enterprise Office.

Postgraduate Teaching Committee

The Postgraduate Committee reviews postgraduate affairs, including the development and evaluation of the curriculum; discusses and distributes teaching and supervisory duties among the members of staff; arbitrates in case of differences between students and supervisors; grants and renews departmental studentships to postgraduate students; promotes the new programme nationally and abroad; and evaluates prospective new students.

Undergraduate Teaching Committee

The Committee reviews all matters relating to undergraduate teaching, in particular the development and evaluation of the undergraduate curriculum (e.g., scrutiny of syllabi).

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