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1 February 2001 The RUSI-SISG one-day Conference on the Oversight of Security and Intelligence will be held on 15 March at RUSI, Whitehall, London SW1A 2ET. Speakers include the outgoing chair of the ISC, Tom King MP, the Home Secretary Jack Straw MP and the Director-General of the Security Service Stephen Lander. To register go here. In addition, SISG will hold two sessions at the 2001 conference of the UK Political Studies Association, Panel 1 'Intelligence Agencies and the Media' and Panel 2 'Intelligence in the Era of Cyberway'. For specifics, go here.

17 April 2000: SISG web page updated with a new look for the next decade.  New features include the news and update page, and a developing list of SISG members and their research interests.  More features to be added, so check back here soon.

12 April 2000: SISG AGM at PSA 2000 makes plans for the BISA 2000 conference.  There will be two panels, one on Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (MI 6), to be convened by Mark Phythian at Wolverhampton and a historical session organised by Sheila Kerr at the Joint Staff College.  Planning for PSA 2001 currently includes a session intelligence and information warfare, being organised by Philip H.J. Davies at Reading, and plans are already being laid for the 2001 and 2003 SISG one-day intelligence conferences.  Check here for more specifics soon.