The Security and Intelligence Studies Group

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SISG Members and their Research Interests
Pete Gill 
p.gill@livjm.ac.uk Security and Law Enforcement Intelligence
Mark Pythian  
Fa1987@wlv.ac.uk Arms trade and intelligence; illicit arms trade
Andrew Defty  
Newsletter Editor
deftyap@clara.nt Propaganda,Intelligence, the Information Research Department
Philip H.J. Davies  
lws98phd@reading.ac.uk British intelligence and security; comparative intelligence studies; information warfare; 
Marc B. Davies marc@bryant-davies.fsnet.co.uk British intelligence and oversight
Antonio Diaz Antonio.Diaz@igm.uned.es Spanish intelligence; comparative intelligence studies
Jim Holden-Rhodes c/o Sheila Kerr US intelligence; open source intelligence; drug trafficking; weapons of mass destruction
Sheila Kerr skerr@jscsc.org.uk UK, US and Soviet/Post-Soviet intelligence and security services, Cold War and contemporary
Peter Nicholson pn_mat_icty@yahoo.com Intelligence provision to international criminal tribunals; intelligence analysis issues; relative value of different kinds of intelligence
Glenmore Trenear-Harvey IntelResearch@hotmail.com IT-driven interactivity between the NSA, DIA, CIA and the private sector.
SISG Members wishing to be included on this list should contact Dr.Philip H.J. Davies, providing a brief indication of research interests and contact information.