Department of Applied Linguistics

Reading Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 7 (2003)

Edited by Michalis Georgiafentis, Eric Haeberli and Spyridoula Varlokosta


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Editors' preface


Towards a phase based analysis of the VOS order in Greek
Michalis Georgiafentis

Obligatory inversion and the status of head movement: evidence from Greek
George Kotzoglou


Switch-reference in Amele and logophoric verbal suffix in Gokana: a generalized neo-Gricean pragmatic analysis
Yan Huang

Language Acquisition

Acquisition of L2 English DP by Korean children
Jongdo Jin

Greek 'strong' pronouns and the delay of principle B effect
Irene Sanoudaki

Japanese learners' linking problems with English psych verbs
Yasuko Sato

Language Change

Negative concord and the loss of the negative particle ne in Late Middle English
Richard Ingham

The loss of negative concord and the constant rate hypothesis
Amel Kallel


'It won't be the Guernsey French we know': identity issues and language endangerment
Julia Sallabank

Contents of Reading Working Papers in Linguistics Vol. 1-6


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